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Hey everyone, I just wanted to get a thread started for all of the BHC/MVC students; please help me get a support system going here. I am starting at BHC in Jan. 07 and would love to make... Read More

  1. by   sitesonRN

    Just curious if everyone was able to get their peer checkoffs for dressing changes. I was not too happy when I went up on Tuesday to practice and overheard 2nd semester students saying that they thought lab was going to be closed on Thurs./Fri. because I was planning to go back up on Friday. So I went to Ms. Irwin and she confirmed that it would be closed, so I went and changed the white boards because they had not been updated. I guess we really need to stay on top of things because there is a definate LACK of communication.

    Wishing us all the best for our checkoffs!
  2. by   Buttercup_fields
    I am going up to lab this afternoon and will be avalable if any one needs peer checkoffs for next week. Last year I found a blog that was good Confessions of a Student Nurse. She is now currently a nurse and working in the Dallas area.
    Happy Friday
  3. by   kaliamama

    i finish all4 prereq with "A" ,and 4 supporting subject too, i need "HESI enterance test material "
    if any of u can suggest me good material, i will appreciate it .
    suggets me any book i have that BHC material,
    thaking u in advance
  4. by   kalmeira
    There is an official HESI study guide in the library that they will let you look at. Just ask for the HESI study guide and they will let you borrow it in the library, and you can make copies. That's what I did, and it was pretty good. I never found anything else. Good luck getting into the program. :wink2:

    I'm going to be in the lab on Monday practicing catheterization. If anyone still needs a check-off, or just want to practice let me know.
  5. by   sitesonRN
    hey buttercup,

    great buy on ebay...littman cardiac ii for $35...can't beat that! have you signed up for one of the required library days yet?

    anybody else from bhc out there? come on guys...this is a great place for support.
  6. by   Buttercup_fields
    have you signed up for one of the required library days yet?
    i have signed up for thursday afternoon. remember you have to go up to the library to sign up they will not take the information over the phone.
    i hope every one is having a nice break.
  7. by   sitesonRN
    success camp....

    it was so great getting to meet the other 30 faces today!:spin:

    i did however think it was funny that we are so incredibly creatures of habit. when it came to lunch time we kind of stayed with our groups of 10. i am sure that will all be changing soon.

    looking forward to many days to come with each and every one of you.

  8. by   kalmeira
    Yes, it was very nice seeing everyone today! Starting this week we will all be together for our lecture, which is nice to see so many faces. :spin:
    I also thought is was funny how we all grouped into our skills lab groups, but soon we will have new groups of 10 so that we can get to know a new set of people!
    Look forward to seeing you all again Tuesday.
  9. by   Buttercup_fields
    hi everyone i was going to e-mail everyone but for some reason my e-mail is down.
    i have some information about heathcare provider cpr. i have used cindy lewis for my certification for the past 10 years or so. her website is www. price for her class is $45.00. her next class is may 22nd (tuesday) at 6:30 pm. she is very quick and to the point and makes the class enjoyable. if we have 10 that need the class she can come to us we just need a location and then we can work out a time for a class. she is also a nurse in the burn unit at parkland. the class location is girl scouts of tejas council office
    map to 6001 summerside dr
    dallas, tx 75252-5335
    joann fogg service center
    6001 summerside dr.
    dallas, texas 75252
  10. by   sitesonRN
    how is everyone "loving" this reading? i am so over this reading and we are just through the first week! i guess this is where life ends until graduation. i just finished last weeks reading and am now starting on this weeks,...i had to take a break.

    i am going to read every word for now and see how i do on the first test; and then adjust from there.

    see y'all soon,

  11. by   joshuaha
    Hello everyone! First let me say congrats on getting into the program. You will not find a group of more supportive and understanding nursing instructors anywhere. I have been in the nursing program since fall 06 (graduate in December). A few words of advice. Don't stress about the reading too much. You do not have to comprehend every single word. Secondly, get yourself a good NCLEX review book. I suggest Saunders as it comes with a CD that you can pop in your computer and do thousands of practice questions. While they are not exactly the same questions the teachers will be using, they are very similar. A big part of nursing is learning how to be a good test taker. Also, don't worry about what they say about working full time. I have been doing this since the beginning and I still have a high GPA! remember, only you know what you are truly capable of. If you have any questions PM or email me and I will be glad to offer advice! :spin:

  12. by   2btxnurse1972
    I'm so glad to see that the BHC Nursing students are on here. I'm still working on my core classes. I'll be completly done with all of them by next fall ('08) and look foward to nursing school. I really want to go to Brookhaven, so I will do my best to do well on my HESI and study hard.

    Good luck to all of you starting out! I look forward to reading about your journies!
  13. by   liketobeanurse2
    Hey's Robin Mowery. I FINALLY found this thing. Gosh. Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself to the group. Now that we have all know eachother for like 7 months now. hahah. feel free to add me to your buddy lists and be sure to tell me who you are. I dont recognize you by your screen name thingy.
    By the way--thanks Josh for the great advice. I think I met you once when we were both studying at the library for like HOURS. Ok....Hi everyone and bye everyone. I am going to bed. I cannot believe we are off to clinicals in like a couple of weeks. EEEEEEK! too cool.