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Hi Folks: I hope to start on a BSN this summer and was wondering... apart from tuition, fees and health insurance, gasoline, food, etc.; what would you estimate is the cost of getting a BSN... Read More

  1. by   amyk_ncsu
    I spent around $1100 on books and school supplies for the 1st semester. I'm still in it, so I dont have a price for next semester. I've looked at the syllabi for the future classes, and most of the required books were also required for the first semester, so I already have them. I'm expecting the last 4 semesters to be WAY cheaper. Uniforms were around $150 (2 sets of scrubs, lab coat, scrub coat).
  2. by   SillyStudent
    I spent 600 on my first semester books, and 300 on second. Third was 400. Stethescope, 90 ...uniforms were 75. Shoes were 105, but I was spoiling myself. This semester I also need to send 200 to NCLEX to register for boards, as well as 53 for fingerprints, 45 to the state board for my license application, 10 for passport photos to send with the app. Next semester (the LAST! YAY!) I have to have 350 for kaplan, and 30 for a nursing school pin as well as 200 for books. Oh, Liability insurance was only 8 bucks a semester

    Total cost >2000$ besides tuition.

    Getting to jump through all the hoops in nursing school and scramble to memorize every freaking drug known to man and the normal lab values for virtually every substance in the human body....Priceless