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Anyone had experience with thieves at your school? :madface: So far I have had two expensive books stolen from me.....last semester, my A & P II book and now my Micro Lab Atlas is gone! I'm a very... Read More

  1. by   Gumdrop92
    I had a new roommate to move in and all of a sudden my things started to disappear. It's not enough that I don't get along with roommates, but they also love touching my stuff.

    I had three books to disappear around buyback time. Only one book was valuble because the the other two were old nursing books, which I got for $2 just to read, the store had stopped selling years ago.

    Our rooms are made for privacy, not security(as I was told), so they can be easily broken into. Now I cover my books and lock them up in a chest because AP and child development books are too much...
  2. by   kukukajoo
    We were warned about thefts first day of class. Ways to minimize:

    Mark each book on outside clearly.
    Mark on inside cover
    Always pick a page in the book to mark your name again- say page 45- theives dont usually look inside.
    Try using a zipper or luggage lock on zipper

    I have had one book stolen and I still wonder who did it. Kinda sucks that we only have 14 others in my class and I know one of them is a thief but not which one.
  3. by   kharing
    I would also go to the bookstore and school security to report the theft/s. At my school you have to give your ID to sell books back - I would think that this information could be cross-referenced to reveal who the crook is.
    Unfortunately, you also need to keep an eye on your stuff during clinicals - hospital staff at a few of the hospitals we rotate thru also seem to have sticky fingers! So sad.