1. My husband and I are paying for college ourselves, so I shop for most of my books on line @ I got my A&P for 66.00 and my Micro for 20.00 Brand new its a search engine kind of thing. Don't forget the great software out there, I think has free and you pay shipping, I bought a mosby's CD Rom for 4.95 shipped.
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  3. by   julieK
    Good for you! I have broken the bank big time buying textbooks for school. This semester and last totaled to close to $1000. Meanwhile, my genius husband made it through medical school buying maybe 15% of the required books. He's thrifty enough to take the books he needs from the library and renew them the entire semester.

    -Julie in NYC
  4. by   justjill
    i found that was really can get used ones that are pretty cheap. also, i like to check with nursing students who are ahead of me in school.....sometimes i can buy their books from them

    i'm pretty sure that our school book store jacks the price way up. it is horrible......i vowed last year that i would never pay more than $100 for one book ever again....
  5. by   Mkue
    Wow, great prices Freshman RN !
  6. by   TheBrainMusher
    Ive been an avid user of and (its a price comparer!)
  7. by   emily_mom
    I never buy a book from the bookstore anymore. For some classes, I find out if I really even need it before plunking down $100 on something I won't open. Never bought a Nutrition book or Patho....and did fine.

    Barnes and Noble online is a good one too...
  8. by   Tilleycs
    I'm taking a Medical Billing continuing education course this semester at a local community college. The book is $50 in the comm. college bookstore. I found a copy at for $35.

    NEVER pay full price when you don't have to.