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Hello to all! Just got my first Littmann today - so excited! I hear that, intentionally or not, expensive stethoscopes tend to walk away. What have you found to be the most effective way of... Read More

  1. by   atwtrn
    I just got a littman cardiology III and I had a nameplate engraved..
  2. by   mkcrturner
    I have an I.D. Tag, but more importantly I developed the habit of keeping it with/on me. I feel soooo stingy and greedy which is not at all how I want to be, but ya know........ it costs a lot of money, and everyone should have their own anyway. My DH bought it for my birthday, and the 2nd day of my Core class, someone picked it up off the table and walked away to go take vitals of classmates. That taught me to keep it ON my body or in my pocket at all times. I figured if someone would grab it to use without asking, that someone could just as easily steal it How sad.
  3. by   AuntieRN
    I got the breast cancer pink littman for xmas last year. It came with an engraved inscription in it. It has my first and last name then says I love you!!! NOONE can claim it is theirs...LOL....also we have to wear port wine uniforms so now my steth is breast cancer pink and port matter how many times I was my uniforms the color still runs off even onto my shoes, sox and undergarments....(sorry off topic again)
  4. by   EmerNurse
    I have a pink allergy band around mine with my name in perm marker (which I have to renew now and again cause it fades). But I also NEVER leave my steth lying around. It's around my neck when not being used, in my pocket if I MUST take it off my neck (when cleaning a pt or whatever).

    Gotten to the point where if it's NOT around my neck, I notice the lack of weight. Never forget to bring it to work because I notice very quickly that "something isn't right". I have a littman master cardiology and there's only one nurse I'll loan it to if she needs it for dayshift and I'm coming back that night.

    Guard your steth AND your drug book and anything else nursing-related, if you want to keep it.

    I cleaned out my library a teensy bit and brought some older books into work in a box. NCLEX books, pharm books, ect. Folks descended on that box as if I'd brought in a box of diamonds! It was like a feeding frenzy! I only asked folks to bring them back when they're done so another person could borrow them. They're donated so I don't care if that happens, but it'd be nice LOL.

    Oh and when you find a pair of hemostats and a good pair of scissors, guard them with your life!
  5. by   DudeManBro
    Look in your phone book for a local trophy shop. Give them a call and see if they engrave scopes, most will say yes. I just called today to get mine done, I start my first simester of nursing school on the 16th :spin:. The guy told me it would cost five to eight dollars. Hope this helps!