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Thank you all for the info on the best Nclex you will be happy to know that I purchased both books. My husband however is not as happy!!lol NExt question and a very important one is what is the... Read More

  1. by   palesarah
    I forget the name of the care plan book we used in school, the author was something Cox. I had one clinical instructor who really didn't like it and told us she would not accept care plans that were clearly based on Cox. (No skin off my bones, I had never even opened the bokk!) Our next rotation was OB, on our first night as we were heading off the floor one of the girls in my group brought up care plans and asked "Do you like Cox?"

    EVERYRONE burst out laughing... I swear I saw one of the babies in the nursery crack a smile!
  2. by   RNIAM
    Hi again. After much debate I ahve decided to stick with the care planning books I have already. Thank you everyone for all your help!
  3. by   PSUNURS05
    I had used Carpenito for my care plans and my instructor noted that it was her favorite book
  4. by   det01
    Originally posted by opalm
    We are permitted to purchase the book of our choice. First year here and I am using "Doenges, Moorhouse and Geissler-Murr."

    I like this one for my program because it has very clear and concise rationales for all plans. Very lengthy and not very realistic in the real world but for school it is excellent.

    That was one of the "recommended" books at my school. That and 3 other books on top of the 10 gooks they made us buy (all for one class - but i think we use them again in some other classes)

    I went ahead and bought it. The teachers seem to really suggest it.