become an RN and then go for BSN or BSN right away?

  1. Hello! I currently am enrolled in a community college, but will have fulfilled all of my requirements for my school's nursing program next semester. Now I cannot decide if I should stay at my community college and become an RN and then eventually go for my BSN, or transfer to a BSN program right away. Please let me know your opinions! Thank you!
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  4. by   mmc51264
    I waited 2 years before getting my BSN. I got more out of the program after having practiced for a while. You will have examples in context that use in your learning. In my opinion, I needed a break from nursing school and I wanted to focus on my learning to be a good nurse. I was hired as a new grad, so there was new grad residency classes that were required. It would have been too much to go to school as well.
    Also, many places will reimburse education after a certain time. My organization was 2 years. It was worth it for me to wait.
  5. by   NurseSpeedy
    Well, your student loans won't be as bad, considering many employers offer a very nice amount of tuition reimbursement to cover the costs.
  6. by   purplegal
    The people who I know that got nursing jobs first and their BSNs later, have actually done better overall than those like me, who went straight to their BSN. When I got my first job, I got a higher pay for having a BSN...but that job didn't last. Those who got their jobs first have either kept their jobs or advanced and are overall doing better and making more than I am. Plus there was nothing extremely valuable in my BSN program that made me a bette nurse, and in my case, it shows. Just a thought but good luck either way.
  7. by   Ella26
    If you wait too long... life will get in the way...Do what's best for your situation.