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:spin::spin: Just had that exam today my score was 69.4 which equals a 98 per cent chance of passing the nclex if I toke it with no further prep.. The national ... Read More

  1. by   OMOLARA
    Everyone has different requirement
  2. by   melmarie23
    the highest I got on an ATI exam was 89. That was my maternity exam. My second highest was Med/Surg with an 82 I scored high 70s for my comprehensive...but it was a 2007 exam. I took that this past January. That said it was a 98% chance of passing NCLEX.
  3. by   puroticorico
    All I know is that the ATI is BS. It's a way for a company to earn money and a chance for schools to have their students pass the NCLEX.