1. does anyone know why a doctor would want to check your carotid ateries? what are they checking for if the pt has diabetes? can anyone help me? thanks
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  3. by   KC CHICK
    Depends, you didn't give us much info.
    However, I've been in a couple carotid endartectomy cases and have SEEN the results of years of high cholesterol......the plaque scrapings from inside the carotids that are about as big around as your index finger!!! Yuk!
    Anyway, maybe they just want to make sure the pt. is not occluded. Some of the pts. I've seen have had more than 95% occlusion.....not good for the 'ole brain. (grey matter needs O2) Diabetes affects circulation in the smaller vessels, so, MAYBE the impact of occlusion in the larger vessels is worse for a pt. with diabetes. Just a thought.
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  4. by   gabby20
    hi thanksfor responding so fastly. i little more info is shehas been havins numbness and tingling in her extremities for a while and they thought it might be due to her blood sugar b/c her blood sugar kept going low and her diet is very good so the doc took her off all her diabetes medicine? she went to see diabetes dietician and that doc told her she wanted to check her carotids?
  5. by   KC CHICK
    Well, try this site. States that one of the risk factors for occlusive artery disease is diabetes mellitus.

    There is also info about carotid endartectomies and symptoms of occlusive stroke at this site


    If you can't get into the site by clicking on it, just type it in 'Address' and see if it works.
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  6. by   MollyJ
    Diabetics, especially overweight poorly controlled diabetics, have an increased risk for a host of problems, many of them related to the cardiovascular realm including lipid abnormalities and atherscelotic disease.

    Tingling in extremities makes me think of peripheral neuropathies.

    Carotids--checking for bruits.

    Too tired to spew alot of pathophys, but review pathophys of diabetes and arthersclerotic disease.
  7. by   gabby20
    thank you all for helping me i understand alot more about it now and i looked up a lot about it in my med-surg book thanks again you guys area great help!!