ARE there any CNA's

  1. are there in CNA's on this board and if so can you tell me when can I apply for a CNA license? I am in the 1st level of LPN school. Aslso what exactly do LPN's do???
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  3. by   Godswill
    i am not a cna, but my mom is she did a 4-6 week training at a nursing home. so may be u can call around your area to see if theres any nursing homes or hospital giving a class

    in louisana, lpn's do just about everything a rn does. out here we have to be iv certified, but i know it varies from state to state.

    louisiana lpn do these things

    initiate and maintain iv therapy and administer iv medications by ivpb and/or ivp (including hyperalimentation, blood and blood products)= many states do not allow this!!!

    reinsertion of suprapubic catheters

    accept verbal/phone orders directly from the prescriber (an optometrist, advanced practice registered nurse, physician, dentist, or psychologist)

    perform heparinization during hemodialysis

    serve as first surgical assistant (but may not suture, dissect or cauterize) many states do not allow this!!

    maintain and administer meds via heparin locks

    pap smears/gc cultures/iud string checks/fundal heart tones/leopolds maneuvers

    apply unna boots

    load/monitor pca machines

    care for clients with external venous catheters (including hickman, groshong, brovia) and specifically: obtain blood specimens/connect and monitor iv fluids/connect ivpb, provide site care (including dressing changes)

    care for clients with internal venous access devices (including port-a-cath, life port) and specifically: access with and/or remove huber needle/draw blood/connect and monitor iv fluids and provide site care (including dressing changes)

    insert a feeding tube in a neonate

    reinsert a tracheostomy tube in an established tract

    remove sheaths in a cardiac cath lab and later d/c these lines

    perform tasks which promote pulmonary health and hygiene (administer oxygen, aerosol and ippb treatments, suction, perform cpt, etc.). lpns may not hold themselves out as respiratory therapists or respiratory therapy technicians.

    perform "head to toe" physical assessments= many states do not allow this

    ** i am sure there are other things on this list many states don't allow**

    you would have to ask your board of nursing for a scope of practice as an lpn.
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  4. by   Born2BAnurse
    IM sorry I meant to say what exactly is the job discription for CNA's ?
  5. by   PJMommy
    Check with your state department of health (or health and human services). They may even have a webpage with all the info. So much varies from state to state so it's hard to say what you'd need to do where you are. Also, scope of practice varies for CNA, LPN and RN depending on what state you are in.

    Good luck.
  6. by   Ortho_RN
    Well I work as a PCA (basically the same thing) and these are some of my duties:

    Vital Signs
    Measuring new admits for TED stockings
    Helping patients eat if needed, feed pts if needed
    Clean pts up if they have an accident
    do I&Os (Keep up with how much goes in and how much come sout)
    Assist nurses with procedures if needed
    Turning and making patients comfortable in bed
    Remove IVs
    Remove Foley catheters

    Hmmm Im sure there is much more but that is all I can think of
  7. by   NurseDixie
    I worked as a CNA for over 15 years and we did vital signs, go get supplies for nurses if they need something while they're changing dressings or inserting foleys, do baths,fed meals if pt couldn't feed themselves, answered call lights, do I + O's, put pt. on bedpans or bedside commode or clean up pt if they mess themselves. We also filled the water pitchers, passed linens around for pt baths, bed making,etc. Way back then...CNA's were allowed to change sterile dressings, insert foley catheters, but that was in the late 1970's, things sure have changed. I started nursing school in 1999, actually pre-req's, but I graduate this December. Can't wait for Aug. 18--that's our first day of class for my LAST semester. I kinda excited about it!!
  8. by   CVnurse08
    I am not a CNA but this is a really good website all about them and there duties and what you have to do to be one.

    Hope this works and helps.
  9. by   cna on her way
    I am a CNA and I have done a few different types of work from assisted living, nursing home, small hospital, and now a burn unit. The role you play varies from place to place and some are more demanding than others. Now I actually can insert foleys, do dressing changes, do beds, help with initial debreidments of burns, vital signs, ect... Its a very rewarding job and I would encourage anybody to try it before nursing school. Best of luck to you.
  10. by   essarge
    I've worked as a CNA for the past two years while attending school. It is in a hospital setting and has helped me answer many questions that I've gotten on exams! In this state you have to have at least one semester of clinicals behind you and then they will allow you to work as a CNA (you do not have to take CNA classes because you've already had the basics). Check with the facility that you want to work at and let them know that you are a nursing student.