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  1. by   lilybug
    I am going to be starting my second year at GMC in the fall. I am in the part time weekend program for my ASN. Good program so far... You have to already have a Bachelors, so basically we have all made the career change into nursing.
  2. by   rebel_red
    Hi Emerald,

    Thanks for your answer. I was seriously considering living in Philly at a cousins during the week and coming home on the weekend. Since my son is only 11 though that seemed rather unfair to him. This way even if I am locked in the den (or a local asylum) studying...he still has immediate access.

    Hi Kristen,

    Our program begins July 7th and is held through the Cape May County Vo-Tech school in Cape May Courthouse. "A psych runaway" bwahahahahaha. I love it! Social Work---->Nursing for me seemed like a logical step. I was always working in LTC's or hospitals, so there is this great background of the psychosocial ramifications of different diseases and their processes, and the knowledge of different meds, how they effect your client, family dynamics, etc...Felt like I had a strong grounding in those areas and wanted to do "more" and they are such important aspects of nursing it was just natural to look to nursing as a second career! It's true you can get your ACSW or LCSW yet my heart wasn't in going "farther" educationally as a social worker. Felt like I would be cheating myself and more importantly my clients....

    In psych isn't an MFCC considered pretty close to if not a form of liscensure? (never could spell that word!) What made you decide to switch???

    I would love to play hooky while you all are down here...(umm but we have tests everyday in our program....sigh...)

    soon to be buried under a pile of books...hey if I gotta go that works for me!
  3. by   KristinWW

    Hey, I've heard stories about that hospital off the Parkway near Wildwood - can't remember the name. Wonder if they are true.

    Yes MFCC, MHC, whatever the license du jour is, supposed to be the equiv to psych folks as the LCSW is to SW. I haven't found it to be true, but it's nice to know. Maybe in another 10 years, but I'm not waiting

    Good for you - hit the books! I agree with you on the psych background helping in nursing - that's why so many psych reqs in the degree program. I think it will help us immensely.
  4. by   sanrionjb
    I also go to nursing school in Philly. I'm in a second degree program. It is great seeing so many philly students here.

  5. by   KeLs 37
    ok, i'm reviving an old thread, this is also my very 1st post as i just found this site.

    I'm currently doing pre-reqs. I have 2 left (micro & nutrition) which i'm doing now. I wanted to apply to Episcopals night program for Jan 07, but my last 2 courses won't be finished until Dec 22, 2006, and i think thats cutting it too close, so i'm gonna have to wait until Jan 2008! I so do not want to do that. I do work full time, so I need a night program, does anyone have any suggestions for me?

    I really wish that I could get into Drexels ACE program, but I don't have a BA in me
  6. by   VRN-RN
    im a philly student. i am going to Drexel university for BSN. i am so excited cant wait to start. bought all of my gears already