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  1. by   marilynmom
    Ya I had read that it only takes 9 months full time to get the BSN for OU after all the pre reqs. I was just worried how long it would take me to get all my pre reqs while working part time as a nurse (Im sure that is not easy but maybe its not as hard as I think I dont know). Crap maybe its actually quicker to get my ADN and then my BSN? But I dont know with kids and working PT as an RN and going to school full time to finish my pre reqs that seems like a LOT (for me anyways). Its enogh for me now to be going to school full time and not working. I'm sure you understand what Im saying, I know you have kids too.

    Hmm Ill ask him about Presby. I know for CRNA school I dont think you can do NICU though, I think they want MICU and others but not NICU (who knows why but I did read that over on the CRNA BB here). I asked a Q over there as well about what exactly is so exciting about working as a CRNA but so fr no response. I dont want to to it just for the money, I would to have a job that I really really enjoy to ya know?

    Have you put in your application yet? I'm excited for you! I think you will do great!!!

  2. by   marilynmom
    Originally posted by Cynthiann
    On the Rose website it said 30 for Beginning track, 30 for career ladder (LPNs) and 10 for distance learning.
    Boy that isnt much is it? Im pretty sure she said 60 at OSU-OKC. I wonder how many people apply at Rose for the Nursing program? I wonder what all except points they look at?

  3. by   marilynmom
    Im going to look up and see right quick whether it would be quicker for me to get my ADN and then BSN or to just get my BSN.

    Im not sure why IM typing this, I am bored I

  4. by   marilynmom
    OK for me (can you tell Im really bored tonight? lol) here is the difference:

    With Rose:
    *1 semester (this fall) for: Nutrition, A&P, and Micro
    *Plus 2 years Nursing School
    *Plus 2 year pre req to get into OU (like Chem, Spanish 1 and 2 which are 5 credit hours a PIECE ugh I am dreading that, Zoology, Statistics, Micro, Physiology (have to have Chem and Zoology to take that), West Civi, Non-West Civil)
    *Plus 9 months at OU to get my BSN
    -So that would be close to 5 years for all that

    If I just stayed on track now and went straight to OU for my BSN it would only take me (3 years):
    *3 more semesters of pre reqs
    *2 years of Nursing School

    So for me that 2 year difference would be my masters. Plus I am worried if I started working as a nurse before I am totally done with school I would probably loose my financial aid and that would not be good for me

    What all pre req classes do you still have to take Cynthiann? When I type it all out like that it looks like so But I guess it is really not that bad. I am just dreading my summer classes...are you all taking anything this summer?

  5. by   marilynmom
    From what I have read about going to CRNA school once you gt accepted you will get all kinda of job offers and if you accept one they will give you a stipend to live off os while in school. That is pretty groovy I thought!!


    ok Im off to
  6. by   Cynthiann
    I was looking at the website for the OU RN-BSN and I saw they had the list of additional requirements for those starting college after 1990. When I called up there a few months ago they never mentioned those classes needed as pre-requisites. I assumed that finishing your Associates in Pre-Nursing is all that is needed. Maybe I'll call them today and find out to make sure. At least I already have foreign language from high school.

    Other than that I will have 21 credits left to take after nursing school. I plan on doing my Anatomy/Physiology separate so I don't have to retake it but I'm going to take Clinical Micro instead of Princ. Micro for now. And since the nursing program is not fulltime (12 hours) every semester I need to take a an extra class to qualify for my full grant/loans. So after finishing my ADN I will have Zoology, Micro, College Chem, Humanities and Sociology. That's enough to finish in two years with 5-6 credits per semester and no summer classes. By the time I graduate from Rose my oldest son will be in kindergarten and youngest in pre-school so that will give me the time to go to school. And as I mentioned before I am going to do Baylor shift so I can be home during the week with the kids. I think this will be manageable working weekends and going to school part time when the kids are in school themselves. Since I am trying to work Baylor which is only 24 hours a week I will need close to 2 years to get a full year of experience anyways. After finishing those pre-requisites I will then apply to the BSN program and by this time both my kids will be in school full time (1st and 2nd grade) giving me the time to go to school. At this point I'm not sure if I will work much, I'll just have to wait and see.

    When I graduate from Rose my two main requirements when looking for a job is that I can get Baylor shift and they will help me go to school to finish my BSN. So that way even if I don't qualify for grants I can have my employer pay for my school. But if I absolutely cannot get tuition assistance (which I doubt) it would be worth it for me to pay for it myself.

    About the NICU for CRNA school, I have read previous posts in the CRNA forum about people who have had classmates with only NICU experience. I think many schools may prefer adult ICU but on every school website I look at they only say ICU and do not specify NICU as not being acceptable or not. I should try contacting all the programs in Texas and find out how they feel about it to make sure.

    Someone once told me that it is very hard to get into ICU here in OKC and usually it's people who have been working at the hospital already that get in. This guy was referring to a hospital he once worked at (I can't remember which one). So I'm wondering is it like that just there or all over OKC.

    I was in your position not to long ago; trying to sort out all the information and find the best route to take to reach my end goal. My first plan was to do it the quickest way which was go straight for my BSN work a year, maybe two, and apply to CRNA school. I changed my mind on that idea more for financial reasons than anything else. If my husband made a lot of money than I would still do that (He's an orderly, not much money there). But since we are struggling to pay the bills (my left over grant and loan money helps tremendously with the bills but is still not enough) I decided to do it this way so I am not having the stress of bills throughout my whole time in school- BSN and graduate. Showing you my plan may give insight to another way of reaching that goal. But it greatly depends on your situation and what will work best with it.
  7. by   Rootbear76
    I really hate they are phasing out the NP program . I've given the CRNA some thought. I definetly want my masters in something to do with nursing. I don't think they have a CRNA program here in Oklahoma. I believe they do in Texas though. Has anyone taken chemistry? I'm not sure if it's a prereq for Anatomy or not. I'm going to take it this fall. I would like to take it this summer. I plan on taking 9 hours (is this too much in the summer?) in the summer session. I still don't think I'll be able to apply for nursing school in January . I really wish I could work part-time and attend school full-time.
  8. by   marilynmom
    Cynthiann if your taking Chemistry and Zoology you should just take the Principles of Micro.

    I totally understand your situation, I am in somewhat the same boat and I hate it. I still might do the ADN cause you brought up some good points about working a Baylor shift and still having all week to go to school!!

    Oh that sucks about working ICU here, I did not know it weas hard to get a job in that around here. I kinda assumed otherwise. I wonder how we can find out about that?

    My only temptation is I could easily start nursing school at rose or right away at OSU (cause less points there) and start making money and experience. I do know the girl in my Anatomy class who is OSU student is gone from 8am-9:30pm every single tuesday and thursday with school! Im not sure what I would do with my kids at that time?

    So much to think about

  9. by   Cynthiann
    The only reason I won't take Princ. Micro yet is because you must complete Anatomy, Physiology and Micro before the 3rd semester. I don't have time to take Zoology before then. I meant that those are the classes I will have left to take after graduating Rose before applying for BSN.

    I think you should go ahead and apply to both programs. If you get accepted to both you have a little time to think about it or if one turns you down you have the other. But with how many points you told me you have I think you can get in to Rose with no problem. Remember that the deadline at rose is the end of this month. As far as I know Rose only accepts people based on the point system. Oh yeah, before you were wondering how many people apply- last year they said right over 100. I hope I can get in.

    Do you have any options with what to do with you kids? Would you be willing to put them in daycare for a couple of hours twice a week. I might see about daycare for my kids, but if I have no other option I can always use my mother-in-law as back up for a babysitter. I just would not rather depend on her because something always comes up once in awhile (she has to be somewhere or she get really bad migranes all the time and has to go to the ER).

    Just wondering, I haven't taken chemistry yet, I might in the fall. It's not a pre-requisite to Anatomy (which I'm thinking about taking this summer, too!) Intro Chem is a pre-requisite to Physiology and you also have to have another science like Anatomy or Zoology. I do think 9 hours is a lot for the summer. Summer is in half the time as a regular semester so that would be equal to doing 18 hours in the fall or spring. How many classes have you done so far? Are you planning on applying to Rose's nursing program or another?

    Why are the NP programs being phased out? When I was considering which master's program I would like to do (between NP, CNM, or CRNA) I immediately dismissed NP because I read to many times on this board about NPs not being able to find a job and end up as a floor nurse again. I want to do something with a lot of job security. I chose to go toward CRNA for many reasons (and not just the money) the number one reason is because how much I hear about CRNA having so much job satisfaction. Also because of the autonomy and the challenge and always learning something new. There are a couple of programs both in Dallas/FW and Houston. This is my great excuse to my husband on why we should move to Texas asap. I can't wait to get out of Oklahoma.
  10. by   marilynmom
    Just Wondering I am planning to take summer classes as well but I dont know what yet. I will take Intermediate Algebra (need that for Chemistry) but not sure what else. Have any of you taken Nutrition online?

  11. by   marilynmom
    Ya I dont think the NP programs are being phased out but like you I have heard the jobs are being phased out and its just really hard to get a job as a NP. I think that would be an awesome job though. Im also looking at the Forensic Nursing program at UCO but I dont know how the jobs are for them either, I wouldnt think it would be easy to get on as one.

    Cynthiann you should take Anatomy this summer, its really not that hard IMO. Im in the top of my class right now and I really dont spend a whole ton of time studying for it either. I think its totally doable in the summer. Im thiking about taking Chem this summer with Intermediate Algebra but man I think that may be way to hard.

    I am so glad to have met you both! It is so nice to be able to talk about all this dont you think? We need to make sure we all keep in touch.

    Now Im all confused Cynthiann about which nursing program to! You have some great ideas, especially with Baylor shift, I didnt even think about that. My husband thinks I should get my BSN since with my grants and student loan we do really good.

  12. by   Cynthiann
    I took Nutrition last semester but not on line. A guy in my stats class is taking nutrition online right now. He told me he bought someone else's notes and uses them to study. The teacher (Reynolds) gives real good study guides but I don't know if she does the same for online. I can ask him if you'd like.
  13. by   marilynmom
    Was Nutrition hard? I mean do you think it would be a good summer class along with Interm Algebra?

    Ya ask him if you dont mind.

    How does financial aid for the summer work? This girl in my class said it pays for your classes but not the books that you have to take out a loan to pay for books. I need to turn in my SAR to the financial aid office tomorrow.