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  1. i remember when i was working on my bsn degree how hard it was to get apa information. the only thing we had to use was that red/brown book.

    i wanted to put together a site where students and nurses could share their work with each other. check out the site and let me know what you think. most of the papers are my own from nursing school. i have not added the ones with actual patient information. if you decide to submit a paper or project please do not submit one with patient confidential information. if you submit a paper your paper will be resaved into acrobat reader format so others can not click and paste your information into their projects.
    please enjoy and let me know what you think. i will add more in the future.

    the link

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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    Site looks pretty good! Will come in handy I am sure! Thanks!

  4. by   janleb
    This is a great idea!!!!!!! I have already sent two of my careplans, and they are posted. If everyone sent a few case studies, careplans ect. This would be a great reference site,especially if your new at doing papers and such. Many time just for certain articles that are listed at the end of the paper. During the school yr we did quite a few careplans, this way at least I know where mine are and don't have to search through all my notebooks like last yr. I give this site a thumbs up!!!!! Janice
  5. by   kennedyj
    Thanks for sending them in. I think the care plans in school were definately one of the most time consuming events. I couldn't wait until the last year when we did the shorter versions. Hopefully the site will come along well and others will submit their projects too. I am going to put together some other APA reference tips and links in the future also. Thanks Janice

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  6. by   essarge

    Great site!! I'm still ROFLMAO from the cartoons...sent the cat to a couple of nursing friends of mine. Thanks for the humor, I'm in A&P II this session and that was exactly what I needed. The cat now has a place of honor over my desk!! LOL!

    Thanks again!
  7. by   kennedyj
    I just wanted to say thanks to all the people who subscribed so far. there has been about 30 and its only been up a little over a week and also to those who sent in papers.

    If you know of anyone else in your courses who may be interested please spread the word to them.

    www.fantasticresources.com (click on university paper exchange )