Anyone Required To Take ERI? - page 2

I know a lot of people here have said they're required to pass HESI before graduation, but is anyone required to take ERI? That's what we have to take in order to graduate, the ERI RN Assessment. ... Read More

  1. by   ichibanjohn
    ERI is the lamest thing to ever be affiliated to nursing schools. What kind of idiots hires a third-party to evaluate their students without validating their methods? Does anybody else thing their school's administrators are idiots?
  2. by   chiriffe
    I have to take the ERI based LP Assessment in 2 days in order to graduate from my LVN program. Any suggestions for passing this thing? Thanks for your input
  3. by   maram0
    what is ERI? I am not sure if I ever heard of it, maybe I did, its just i hear so many abbreviation its so hard for me to keep up. :icon_roll
  4. by   ichibanjohn
    Hello chiriffe,
    I don't know if ERI has a different test for LVN. There were at least two test for the RN. The first one we took was called "Keystone" which I think is a good if you have lots of luck. The other is called RN assessment, this is good if you have common sense, nursing knowledge, and luck. Tomorrow you must just be prepared to be 100%, there is no time or need to cram. Good rest and good food.
  5. by   ichibanjohn
    Sorry I just saw your test is called LP assessment. I would guess you are fine, especially if you are a native English speaker..
  6. by   mb1949
    Yes we have to take ERI, just finished taking the pharm and passed (barely) most of my class failed, have to retake next week, we have about 4 to take this semester, but we usually just take one or two per semester, I hate them, just more stress
  7. by   Blove86
    Yea my school policy is you must pass each ERI test for the class in order to pass the class. In fact, if you get an A in EVERYthing else in the class and you dont pass the ERI test, you will fail it!!!! Last semester I failed the 1st and 2nd time, the 3rd time I damn nearh ad a heart attacking it, but I did pass thank God!! But this semester I am taking OB and Psych, so I have already started studying this time around. The last time, we werent even told of the practice test we could have done, which is retarded, but oh well!!
  8. by   charleston990
    Yes, we take the ERI quite a few times as I understand it. Each semester, in fact.