Anyone out there seeking a commission after graduation??

  1. I have been in the navy for 9 years as a Hospital Corpsman (4 years active, 5 reserves). I am very much looking forward to becoming a Nurse Corpse Officer after I graduate. I'm as excited about receiving a commission as I am about becoming an RN. I start my BSN program this summer, and will graduate in 2005!! Is ther anyone else out there looking at joining the military after graduation?? Just curious.
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  3. by   straba
    Anyone..........Am I the only one??
  4. by   epg_pei
    But I know 3 students in my class who have joined the Canadian Armed Forces. They will spend summers in the Forces, and the rest of the year back in school. I am told that "the Forces" pays a signing bonus, tuition, books, etc, plus a stipend, throughout the BN program. By the time they graduate, they are 2nd lieutenants or whatever, and are obliged to spend x years in the Forces. For a young person, I think it's an outstanding opportunity.

    PS: Are you sure it's "Corpse" and not "Corps"
  5. by   kc_jellybean
    I'm considering the Army Nurse Corps after graduation w/ the hopes of becoming a CRNA. However, I'm still working on my pre-req's and haven't even APPLIED to nursing school yet - and I'm intimidated at just the thought of basic!!! I'll be the girl who can't get up the wall, no matter how much Lou Gossett, Jr yells at me!!! :uhoh21: - so who knows where I'll finally end up!
  6. by   jnette
    No, Straba, but if I was 30 years younger, I would certainly be doing what you are ! (hindsight, y'know!) Unfortunately, I never took advantage of what was offered to me while I was in the A.F. 30 yrs. ago.... I, too, was a corpsman..a medic. I could have stayed in, gotten my education and switched over to officer , but I got married instead, then came the children, and the rest of the story. I put in an extra two years in the AF Reserves in Air Evac and loved every minute of it.

    Anyhoooooo.... fastfwd. to 30 years later, the kiddies are all grown and have left the nest... and I just this year followed up on my dream of becoming that RN ! Yep, I did it !

    But you go for it ! I wish you well, and I'm soooooo excited with you... I can feel your anticipation and rejoice with you ! Again, if I had to do it over, I would have done it then, and "stayed in".

    By the way, just what is the age "cutoff" limit for the Reserves now? And is there such a thing as an ADN nurse in the service these days? There wasn't back then.. I doubt it now.. must have the 4 year degree to be commisioned, right? What if you were an ADN.. and wanted to be in the medical field in the service? What "slot"would they put you in? I've often wondered about that. I know we never had LPNs.. the medics/corpsmen were the LPNs... anything changed?

    Well, here's to you ! Go get 'em !
  7. by   straba
    There is an Ensign in my reserve unit who just received her commission at age 48 with no prior military experience!! Our officer recruiter said he can commission me the day I pass my boards. The usual cutoff age for Nurse Corpse is 33, but waivers can be made easily because of the shortage. The Navy requires a BSN for commission as a Nurse Corpse Officer, whereas the Army will commission nurses with just an ADN, but you can only advance to the rank of Captain (O-3).
  8. by   jnette
    Interesting ! Thank you, Straba !
    What about the A.F... any idea?
    I have tried logging onto USAF websites, just to see what's changed, but the detailed info is not given.. of course they want you to see a recruiter for that ! :chuckle

    Well, not that I have any intentions of joining up again, but it's still in my blood, and I like to keep up with what's new and different in the military these days.
  9. by   USA987
    My hubby has been in the Navy for 13 yrs. now...don't see him enough now as it is...let alone if we were dual military!!!!\

    Good luck though!
  10. by   Tanker
    You can get a commission in the Army Reserve with an ADN. If you want to go active duty then you need the BSN. They say the age cutoff is 45 but can be adjusted for previous active time and/or waivers.

    Also, Basic Training is a "gentleman's" course. It is something like 2 weeks. Lou won't be there for you to "never forget".

    I am not a recruiter! I have been investigating all the possible routes. I am having a harder time because I already retired with 20 years. So I am pushing the age thing and the retirement hurdle. Start BSN program in the fall. Guess I'll have to wait 2 years and see what the status is then.

    But, if you are younger there are many opportunites. And once you are in you can try and take advantage of additional schooling opportunities (active or reserve/national guard).
  11. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Hi Straba, as a former Navy hospital corpman for five years, I have actually considered going back in the Navy as a nurse corps officer but.... unfortunately I am going for my ADN not BSN. I didn't realize the Navy didn't commision ADN nurses, I guess now I know. Maybe the Army huh?
  12. by   jnette
    Originally posted by navynurse29
    Hi Straba, as a former Navy hospital corpman for five years, I have actually considered going back in the Navy as a nurse corps officer but.... unfortunately I am going for my ADN not BSN. I didn't realize the Navy didn't commision ADN nurses, I guess now I know. Maybe the Army huh?
    Still curious about A.F. But I'm thinking they are like the Navy... BSN for commision, right? Anybody know? And do they use ADNs for anything?
  13. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Hi Jnette, actually when I first got out of the Navy about 7 years ago, I almost immediately wanted to get back in! (omg, what did I do? ) I was told by the Navy recruiter that I could that but that I couldn't go back in as a hospital corpsman as the rate was too overmanned, I called an air force recruiter and unfortunately they don't take prior service veterans sooo... I would definitely love to join the service as an commisioned officer it is just a matter of finding one which would accept an ADN degree. I believe you are probably right about the A.F. only taking BSN. Oh well.....
  14. by   BMS4
    Those who are looking at the Navy might want to talk to a recruiter, because I heard somewhere that you could join as a Warrant Officer with ADN. The Air Force no longer has CWO's, but the Coast Guard does and it's the same for them.