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I've read some talk of them in several threads... wondering how handy one would be for clinicals, etc... are they worth the $ investment $ ? And, where do you get the software for Nursing? Can... Read More

  1. by   debblynn13
    I have a Tungsten E and have used it in Clinical. I haven't ever had a problem with the battery running down during the shift. But I still rather do my assignment brain on a piece of paper, so my pda is used mainly for calculations, and references...drug book, dictionary.

    I guess it depends on how much you use it. I have a friend in Canada who has used one for over 3 years and has never had a problem. If you get one and the battery does'nt last a day, I would complain. I know some of the earlier models they had problems with battery life and the up down button. So make sure and check those first. I haven't had any problems and I love mine. All my classmates run over and ask me about medications that aren't in the normal drug books. My instructor wanted lessons in pdas...LOL