Anyone heard of MEDS Publishing NCLEX review?

  1. Since I'm the facilitator for our class I was contacted from this company, (MEDS Publishing) asking if students in my class would be interested in doing their review through this company. Here's part of the e-mail:

    "I would like an opportunity to share our program with you, and show you why it is THE BEST review course available on the market. One point I will share with you now to support that- in the 23+ years that MEDS has offered the live NCLEX review course, better then 99% of those who attended passed their boards on their first attempt."

    I'd like to know how this program is different from, say, Kaplan. He will be calling me and I will ask him that, also the price. Any other questions you can think of that I should include in our conversation? He will also have brochures that I can pass out to my class.

    Anyone heard of this company?

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  3. by   RedSox33RN
    We had to do LSRN tests through Meds Publishing during Fundamentals. Actually, we have to do it for all semesters.

    The tests were very good, and helped me a lot. A lot of our questions from our exams came directly from LSRN.
  4. by   michw2
    We do LSRN throught out Nursing school. We pay 69.00 a semester and at the end of our forth semester. We get a review course for Nclex for the money we have paid throught out nursing school I know we pay something but I know its not that much but I am not sure how much. Hope that helps.
  5. by   jenrninmi
    Thanks for the responses. They contacted me by phone today. It is $349/person, but will be less depending on how many people use them. Mine, though will be free because I'm the facilitator. I'm still wondering how this company compares to others. They say they have >99% pass rate for first time NCLEX takers. I'm going to do some research to see the difference...
  6. by   Jill1215
    my school requires that the students use this. we pay $60 a semester and we have to spend a certain amount of time on meds pub per class. the teachers can customize tests that are specific to our classroom discussions. we do not have "free reign" to test questions. the test questions are all very good, all scenario based, and all have detailed reasons why the correct answer is correct. your school should look into it for all students.
  7. by   HappyNurse2005
    oh yes, we do the LSRN thru too. Jumped up to 67.00 a person this semester, it was 55. We have 19 of their tests to do, selected by the instructors. I've not heard about their NCLEX review class, but the company itself is pretty good. Haven't had any problems yet
  8. by   LadyT618
    In my school we take a MEDS Publishing NCLEX Review course (1-week long) at the end of the semester. They charge us ~$125 per student in our last semester (this present one). At least I think it's $125, the graduation fee came up to $284 (don't exactly what's included though, but I know the review course is).
  9. by   paulamac
    I am facilitating a review for our class, too. I went to a mini-session with Hurst Review at the state SNA conference. It was marvelous. We're using them and they, too, have a 99 percent pass rate. They also return your money if you fail - or give you free reviews till you pass. Something else that impressed me - they will give you one-on-one help if you fail. I think we'll like them.

  10. by   manna
    We're using meds pub - the LSRN exams each semester. So far, I've been very impressed. We pay $59/semester (x4 semesters total, junior-senior year), then our NCLEX review course at the end of senior year is free. Seems like a pretty good bargain to me!

    Good luck, sounds like a tough decision to make!