Anyone from Texas?

  1. Hi there!!! I was wondering if anyone is from the Dallas/ Ft worth area? I live in Allen .

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  3. by   pkmom
    I used to live in Mckinney, then farmers Branch, now I'm trapped in oklahoma city. Miss Texas very much.
  4. by   tattoochick
    I'm in Plano!
  5. by   subec
    I'm in Dallas.
  6. by   AnaH
    Hi there! Thanks for your replys. Have a great week!!!

  7. by   tex
    Born in Corpus Christi, lived there for 38 years, now live in NC Tex
  8. by   carlalogan
    Hi! I too live in Allen Where do you go to school?
  9. by   old-master
    I am from Fort Worth, and plan on going to TCC or TCU or UTA. That is wether or not if want a RN or BSN.
    old-master has spoken....
  10. by   StudentSandra
    originally posted by old-master
    i am from fort worth, and plan on going to tcc or tcu or uta. that is wether or not if want a rn or bsn.
    old-master has spoken....
    rn or bsn is not the choice.

    i'm not trying to be picky here, but an rn is the license one receives after passing the nclex-rn boards. the bsn or adn are the degrees one receives after graduating. a person graduating with an adn, bsn or from one of the diploma programs all sit for the same nclex-rn exam.

    getting off soapbox now.....just one of those things that bug me.
  11. by   proud2bme
    I'm in Houston!

    Where are all the Houstonians?! lol
  12. by   clintn91180
    That's what I was wondering, from the postings it seems like Houston is the size of a small town
  13. by   Bradley
    Hi, Im from Amarillo!
  14. by   Perrie
    I live in Carrollton!