Anyone from Northern California???

  1. Hi,
    I am new to the boards and just wondering if anyone is from Northern California. I am located in the S.F. Bay area and looking for fellow nursing students to chat with.
    Anyhow....GOOD LUCK to everyone!!! WE CAN DO IT!!
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    I am in southern California, but we have thousands of members in the north. Please don't hesitate to use the information on our site.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi Orca . . . . well, I'm from the part of California that considers itself the true Northern California. We barely claim Sacramento. I live in the mountains 77 miles northeast of Redding. I can see Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen from my home.

    Welcome! :-)
  5. by   tattooednursie
    I'm in Northern Cali! Up in the mountains. I'm a mountain woman! lol
  6. by   LilgirlRN
    Hope to move to Antioch soon, not a student, but I'll talk to you anyway )
  7. by   orca1
    Hi to Spacenurse, Stevielynn, FutureRN_Mandi, and LilgrlRN:
    Thanks for writing. I am jealous of you mountain women....I would love to live in the mountains and enjoy the climate. Living here in the Silcon Valley basically sucks. We have tons of traffic, cost of living is outragious, and the air quality is horrible. I know that Spacenurse can agree; I am sure living in Southern California is the same....except if you are in San Diego; then that is cool too.

    So, for the students....what semester are you in and what are you learning right now. I am in the last semster and am currently studying for a cardiac/neuro/gerontology exam on Monday. I have been studying all day and am beat.

    For LilgrlRN: Why do you want to move to Antioch? I am just curious. Do you have a job lined up?

    Thanks again for writing, I am off to study some more :zzzzz

  8. by   aj rn 2be
    Hello Lisa.......I also live in the silicon valley! I am just starting my prereq's and I hope to enroll in the Rn program next fall!
    Wow- your last semester- that's great!
    Wish me luck, I have only just begun!

  9. by   orca1
    AJ RN 2Be
    Yea....another Silicon Valley future RN!!!
    What program are you looking at? Where about in the Silicon Valley do you live?
  10. by   LilgirlRN
    For LilgrlRN: Why do you want to move to Antioch? I am just curious. Do you have a job lined up?

    Maybe so, and my BF and his best friend hope to go into business together and that's where he lives.
  11. by   aj rn 2be
    hi Lisa!
    I live in santa clara, and I go to De Anza college in Cupertino........I went there about 5 years ago and did most of my prereq's for my associates degree(ie english/math/speech/history) and since they are on quarters instead of semesters, I was going to have to repeat some classes if I went to a semester school, so I decided to enter their RN program.......hopefully I will get in!

    What program are you in??
    Where about do you live?

    Any advice for me just starting out?
  12. by   sanakruz
    I'm here.
    But I'm old........
  13. by   orca1
    LilGrlRN: Antioch has some great houses and there are hospitals located in Concord and Walnut Creek. There is one by the name of John Muir that I believe is a trauma center. Anyhow good luck and keep us updated on your move.

    aj rn 2be: I am going to Evergreen and will be graduating in May. I live in South San Jose. Currently we have an instructor for clinicals helping out by the name of Barbara: she is great and helps a lot. She is not very overbearing either which helps calm the nerves. Advice for just starting out.....If you can afford them, buy the recommended books as well. Look at them first and make sure they are not stupid, but having the extra reference has helped a great deal. And if you have no clinical experience go out and buy a stethoscope and BP cuff and start practicing. Many of the facilities do not have the automatic cuffs so you need to learn how to take a good BP. If you have any other questions or want to chat privately please email me.

    sanakruz: I am assuming you live in Santa Cruz??? If so are you working currently as an RN and do you have any advice for a new grad??

    Thanks for is fun to have locals around

  14. by   sanakruz
    I sent you a pm