Anyone from Northern Indiana

  1. is anyone from indiana???
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  3. by   donnaste
    I plan on going to IUPUI as soon as they let me know if all my transfer credits have been accepted. And to which, Fall or Spring quarter, I will be going to. I hope to hear from them soon. Where are you from??
  4. by   GPatty
    I AM!!! I AM!!!

    Hi! Nice to "meet" ya!

  5. by   Lisa1970
    Glad to see someone else is from Here. I am from Goshen. Not sure how far from Greenfield it is. I will ask the husband. I am interviewing today for Bethel College in Mishawaka.

    Where are you from Julie?
  6. by   GPatty
    Sorry to say that I don't know where Goshen is though...
    Hugs to all us Indianaians (sp?):chuckle
  7. by   Lausana
    Hi Lisa!

    I am a proud Hoosier (especially this week! ) from Fort Wayne. Good to meet you!
  8. by   donnaste
    Greenfield is just east of Indianapolis. I sure am glad to see more Hoosier's on the board....Donna
  9. by   Lisa1970
    Nice to meet all you fellow Hoosiers..........
  10. by   bhart
    Fort Wayne here. Extremely proud of my Hoosiers (even though we got spanked last night).
  11. by   Lisa1970
    lol Barbie. Moved here from Ny, But love being a hoosier
  12. by   babygal2000
    I'm in Huntington and go to school in Fort Wayne!