Anyone else planning a wedding while in NS?

  1. Hey guys and gals! I am currently a first semester nursing student at a large state university here in the south. And I am also ENGAGED and getting married in December of this year! Planning a wedding and being in nursing school has been kind of hard, although not as tough as I thought it would be. Is anyone else married while in nursing school or is going to be getting married while in nursing school?? Im specifically talking about traditional students such as myself (20-23 years old). Just wondering if there are any other crazy ppl such as myself!! :spin:
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  3. by   Josh L.Ac.
    I'm outside your stated demographic - 30 years old, 2nd marrage, acclerated BSN / 2nd degree program - but I got married two weeks ago in the middle of my first semester. It was no stress and all fun.

    Oh, and my wife said it was low stress too! We got married at the Venetian in Las Vegas. We had a wedding planner that does all of the leg work so all we had to do is pick what we liked, change our minds a few times, then wait for the big day. It was incredible and very lavish for only 5K.

    The only stress was flying with our son and even that was easy.
  4. by   msleely
    Yes, you are not alone. I got married May 27 at the end of my Junior 2 semester. I had 1 week in between finals and my wedding. My main problem was staying focused on school. I spent a lot of my study time wedding planning. I had people to help me, which was a good thing, but I still wanted to do things myself. Just try to stay focused. Congrats, and good luck!!!!!
  5. by   awzach2
    I am planning a wedding while in nursing school. My wedding isnt untill the summer but right now i am not too stressed. Im sure once finals roll around and the date gets closer i will have more worries, but its fun. i know it will all be worth it. my wedding planner is awesome too, i couldnt do it without her.
  6. by   soko2002
    I'm a first quarter nursing student and I'm also getting married in December. My finals end 2 days before my wedding. This will be my second marriage and I'm 30 years old. As others have mentioned, I hired a wedding coordinator. Even with a coordinator I feel overwhelmed but things seem to be working out. I just take it one day at a time. Congrats!
  7. by   ann945n
    Im 23 in my second quater and planning a wedding! So I can feel exactly what you are going through! I think for all the stress it causes its pretty wonderful to final be in RN school and planning the rest of my life with the man i love! Life is pretty great!
  8. by   RGN1
    I got married at the start of my 2nd year in my nursing program, I was 23 at the time. You're not the only one whose done this - just read the above posts!

    I've been married 16 years now, have 3 great kids & am still happily nursing away!

    The very best of luck to you!!!xxxx
  9. by   AnnaN5
    I start an accelerated program in March that will go from March 07-April 08. I am trying to decide if I want to do our wedding this coming summer which will be a few months into the program or next summer (08) when I would be done with school. I don't know if it will be a good idea to try to plan an out of town wedding while starting out the accelerated program?!
  10. by   Spill
    Hello!!!! I was just thinking of this topic myself!

    I got engaged Oct. 12 and got accepted into a ADN Friday, Oct 13! Talk about one lucky chic here!

    We are planning a small wedding for this summer! So....not too sure what to expect...but I know that the nursing school has already beat into us that they now own us. I want to spend time on both, they are both very important to me.

    Any advice would be great-----
    For now, I take comfort in knowing that others have done it! Thanks!
  11. by   brighella
    Im planning a new years eve wedding and im in my first semester of nursing school. Im older - 30, but this is my first marriage. It hasnt been bad because we're having a really small intimate gathering, I managed to do quite a bit before school started, and my hunny has been actively involved. No wedding planner, but also no need for everything to be "perfect". We're keeping it simple, small and fun. It also helps that I dont have to bring in any income right now, so im not dividing my time/energy between school, home AND work.

    Best wishes to all you engaged and newlywed nurses and nursing students!

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  14. by   FLAtoNYC
    I am also planning a December wedding. The 16th! 3 days after finals!!! I am in my first semester also. Congrats! Its crazy though. I tried to get so much done in the Summer for the wedding, but now I feel like I didnt do anything cause all these random things I didnt think of keep popping up. Plus school is soooooooo much more difficult than I ever imagined (and I thought I was To top it off, its a destination wedding so I have to do everything over the phone. If it wasnt for my mom I would go crazy, literally! Shes the only one that understands when I have to say "I really cant deal with this right now!" Anyway, Good Luck! I bet you cant wait for your honeymoon either. We are sure going to need that vacation.