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I am looking into Penn Valley in Kansas City, and I have a few questions for anyone that has attended! Thanks! Renee:confused:... Read More

  1. by   blklab
    ashemson, What happened with the financial aid? Were you thinking you had it and then they told you didn't? Let me know because I just met with financial aid today and they told me everything looked fine but they would let me know for sure next week. Hopefully that won't happen to me.
    Thanks, Ali
  2. by   KC CHICK
    Yep, graduated from Penn Valley in May 2001.
    I felt very prepared when I started my first job out of school. As I have proven, you can go into ANY area of nursing after graduation.
    What exactly do you want to know?

  3. by   ashemson
    blklab - I am transferring from a 4year college, and I am over the credit hour limit and I have a previous student loan from MWSC, so that makes me ineligible for ANY aid.

    KC CHICK - Before I realized that I couldn't get any aid, I was planning on attending Penn Valley, and was just curious if it was a really good school. I didn't know anyone personally that had gone there.

    I am still trying to figure out a way to go there. Alot of the scholarships that I have checked into, you have to already be a student, and that's the problem! I haven't given up yet though...
  4. by   TamelaRN2B
    Ashemson...I'm sorry to hear about financial aid! I've started working at Children's Mercy Hospital..a big reason is because after 90 days they will help with tution payments $3000 a yr for full time and $1500 for part time. Maybe you could look into some hospital that will help with tution? HTH ! Tamela
  5. by   ashemson
    I actually called all the area hospitals the other day asking if they do that. I know Childrens Mercy was one that I called, but the person I needed to speak to wasn't in. Can you tell me what the requirements are for working there and them helping with tuition? Do you have to promise to work for them after graduation? Which is not a bad thing, it's a great hospital. And do you have to be employed there in a certain department or anything? I always find out this stuff on weekends when no one can help me!!! Any info you can give me would be VERY appreciated...Renee
  6. by   ashemson
    Forget that last post! I got on their website and found what I wanted to know! If you work at least 36 hours they pay 1500.00 per semester. I also got on their site for job openings and just emailed them my resume for several openings.

    Maybe there is hope afterall!!
  7. by   LauraF, RN
    I just thought I might point out. I have attended schools in Missouri and Kansas. The science classes are only good for 5-6 years. You had said you took classes 11 years ago, you may need to take that over. I'm having to take A&P, Chem, Micro all over again. I had taken them in '91 Good luck with everything. I'm working on pre-req's now to go to KCKCC.

  8. by   ashemson
    Well, I did attend 10 or 11 years ago, and took Bio 101 and other math and english stuff then. However, when I returned last year, that's when I took Chem, A&P last semester, and I have Micro right now. So I am hoping all of that will transfer.

    Good luck to you too...It's so cool hearing from all of you guys here in KS and MO!
  9. by   allthingsbright
    Hey guys,
    I havent been on the board lately, but I just checked in and found this thread!

    I am getting geared up to hopefully be accepted for the fall 03 program at PVCC. I have all my testing done, and I am taking BIOL 109 this summer. I have everything else done except for speech, micro and A&P. I am hoping to get A&P done this fall when I start the program, take speech as an intercession class, then Micro next summer. I am really trying to take my core classes outside of clinicals so I wont be so stressed. I was told there are still slots for the fall program. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

    I am going to be paying for most of my classes because I dont qualify for anything but loans. It is cool that this program is relatively inexpensive compared to university degrees.

    Ok, so thats all. Sorry I havent ggotten back to you until ashemson-I just got your PM.

    Take care-maybe I'll see one of you in the Fall 03 class,
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  10. by   ashemson
    Actually since things were so messed up with MWSC and Penn Valley financial aid, I just got a job at Liberty Hospital in the cardiac unit as unit secretary. I start on the 5th. Unless I suddenly get accepted into MWSC as an alternate at the last minute, I think I may wait a while until I return to school. Mostly because of financial reasons, and I think it might be less stressful if I try to do this without a 2, 5 and 8 yr old! Maybe I'm wrong...Good luck to you!!!