Anybody else attend part time/ also program misrepresented

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  3. by   FutureNurse2005
    I just want to give you a hug!!!
  4. by   wonderbee
    Sorry to hear you're having these problems. I agree. What's happening to you seems pretty unjust.
  5. by   manna
    Sorry to hear it....

    I have been a part-time student at mainly the same school for five years. While I'm not in nursing classes (just general ed), it seems part-time and/or off-campus students at this school get pretty much treated as second class citizens (er, students?).

    The school knows I'm not very happy about it, and I criticize them for it quite often, given the fact that they claim to cater to non-traditional students.
  6. by   jazbo88
    as an evening student p/t i also feel as a second class citizen. only because the resources are not there for us. this is my last semester in sept. thank goodness .the nightmare will soon end. I understand your frustrations, hang in there
  7. by   LatinGirl
    I attend school in the modified evening class and have encountered the same thing. The day class gets all the breaks and the school accomodates them. The evening class (most of us work full-time and have families) are treated completely different. We get all of the day class' leftovers from lab times to clinicals. It totally sucks and it's not fair, but I deal with it because I know from prior experience that complaining to the school doesn't get me anywhere. Hang in there, I know it's hard, but the end result will so be worth it. Thinking about the day that I can write RN after my name is what gets me through it all. Good luck!