Any student nurses in the Pittsburgh, PA area?

  1. I am a second degree nursing student, 30 years old and would like to know if there are any other nursing students from the Pittsburgh area here? I am particularily interested in CCAC students as this is most likely where I will be getting my degree from. Thanks so much!!
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  3. by   Marianne518
    Hi there...I'm a CCAC nursing student. What campus are you attending??? Drop me an email if you want to chat....we may end up in some of the same classes!!
  4. by   janmae1950
    Hi, from North Hills in Pittsburgh. Right now I'm taking the prerequisite courses at CCAC-North. I hope to start nursing studies in Fall, 2002. I just turned 51. I've worked in an office all my life and moved back to Pittsburgh in Spring 1999 after having lived out of state since 1975. Glad to be back home! I am divorced and want to work in a field where there's low chance of layoffs, where I know I'm helping people in a direct and substantial way and that will pay me more than the chump change office work is offering me.
  5. by   Peggysn

    I am a first year nursing student at CCAC South Campus. I will be starting my second semester on January 14th.....Please feel free to e mail me any time....we can all sweat thru this together, right? Hope to talk to you soon or who ever else wants to chat from Pgh.
  6. by   TCW
    I'm so glad I found some other nursing students @ CCAC. Even though I attend Allegheny campus I am sure I will have lots and lots of questions for you all!

    Please feel free to email me at any time even if it is just for moral support.

    Peggy, what was the 1st semester like? Did you take A&P right along with Nursing 101? I am taking it starting Jan 14th...right along with Human Growth & Dev. + I work 40 hours a week. I know I must be crazy

  7. by   Peggysn
    I also work full time.....I go to evening/weekend.....It will definitely be tough with those classes, but if you are determined you will do it. I will be here for moral support....especially when you feel like hanging it all up...but it will be worth it. I will check with you during the semester the first chance I get and you do the same.....we will be very busy....hang in there!
  8. by   janmae1950
    Hi Peggy,
    Do you take the full course schedule on weekends and evenings?
  9. by   jenniferussell
    Any advice? I'm attending ccac south this fall only have two pre-reqs to finish. Any advice on the nursing program at ccac? thanks
  10. by   Altra
    Wow, Pittsburgh people ...

    I was beginning to think I was just about the only one :chuckle

    Hello to all!
  11. by   NurseWeasel
    Sorry to nag and post all over the place, but I'm seeking some friends I met in Nashville at the NSNA convention. Their names are Nick and Caroline and they're from Philly. They also had Michelle and Billy in their group. The Rowdy Cowgirls from Idaho (I'm one) had a great time and forgot to get Caroline and Billy's contact info so we could keep in touch. We wanna hook up again in Daytona. Apparently they're not on this board, but I keep hoping maybe SOMEONE from Philly will recognize their names and let them know we wanna hear from 'em. We think maybe they go to Temple, but it's sheerly a guess at this point. Thanks much! ~Idaho~
  12. by   colleen10
    Hi everybody,

    Since this thread has been renewed I thought I would chime in.

    I am a Pittsburgh nursing student finishing up my first year in a few weeks.