Any nurses from Australia

  1. I am interested in learning more about nursing in Australia. I am considering taken a traveling nurse position there within the next year. Does anyone in this club practice there? I did some surfing and found some information. Am thinking of working in NSW. Hmmm can anyone help me?

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  3. by   Tookie
    BY travelling nurse are you referring to community nursing or outback type?
    If you are interested in Hospital nursing etc - You can look at the large Hospitals in Sydney and the large cities within NSW ie Woolongong, Goulburn, Albury, Newcastle etc. - A good way to see what is required is to see the websites for places such as the NSW registration board or the Australian Nursing Federation
    A number of states ie both Vic and NSW are looking for trained and experienced staff - Vic was actively recruiting - you could look up the Vic Registration board - they may have a link

    Sorry l am a bvit vague when l get onto this board l never think l might need this type of Info - its all at work in general

    Good luck if you are still interested - post again and maybe l can try and find the web sites for the areas that you are interested in

  4. by   Aussienurse2
    Try Lots of jobs for R.Ns. If yiu want to see the outback then just pick a town from a map, add "Base Hospital" to it and look in the white pages for the phone number. Most hospitals have a human resources division and they know just about everything you might need to know. Hope to see you here soon, we're getting a bit desperate for nurses at the moment.
  5. by   renerian
    Thanks for replying. I do not know what you mean by outback nursing? I was interested in looking for work in Coffs Harbor. I heard it is beautiful there. I already found the website for NSW and am going to download the forms. Trying to figure out the cash conversion since the site posts dollars in Australian amounts. I will need to call the bank I guess. Are you an RN in Australia?

  6. by   renerian
    LOL I still don't know what outback nursing is? Is that an area or something? Please humor me...............................I will check out the website. I want to work in Coffs Harbour..............

    thanks renerian
  7. by   renerian
    I tried the jobs on line website and all it lists are jobs in the states not other countries. Do you see jobs from Australia on yours? Trying to figure this out.......................thanks for any help you may be able to give me................
  8. by   renerian
    I got in contact with OGrady Peyton and Pearl International travel nurse agencies and they are helping me figure out what ducks I would need to put in a row to work in Coffs Harbour. Have you ever been there?