Any New York students?

  1. Wondering if there are any nursing students out there from New York.
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  3. by   JazzyRN
    yeah I am a NY nursing student, im done with my classes and I'm just waiting to graduate on May 10. I go to the University at Buffalo. What about you?
  4. by   GraceyB
    Hi Jazzy!
    I'm in the city.

    Graduation! That's wonderful! Congrats!! Do you know what area you would like to do yet? I'm thinking L&D or NICU. Who knows I may change my mind later.

    I am not a nursing student just yet but I am applying to two CUNY schools and the Helene Fuld College of Nursing. Keeping fingers crossed. LOL

    How did school go for you? Doing prerequisites seems to slow down the whole progress. I'm a little nervous just to begin. I try to think that I'll be allright.
  5. by   2banurse
    Hi GraceyB,

    Which CUNY schools have you applied to? I was looking at Hunter for their BSN program. I'm thinking that if I don't get in the ADN here in Florida, I might head back to home (NY) and go to school there as it is my hope to work and live there at some point. The only problem with Hunter is that you need to do a semester in their regular college before being accepted into the nursing school.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
  6. by   nynurse2b
    Hello to my fellow New Yorkers. I go to school in Mt. Vernon and am almost finish my first Nursing semester..3 wks left and then 3 more semesters!!! I went to a CUNY school....but just for my pre-requisites for the nursing program.. I find the Cuny nursing programs very competitive to get into...not enough seats....Good luck to you both..
  7. by   szccdw
    Can anyone tell me what a new grad LPN and a new grad RN are making in NYC?
  8. by   GraceyB
    I was thinking about Hostos, taking a CNA class there on Monday. BMCC - they have a no guanranteed entrance and one to three semesters wait to get in. If I decide to go for my BSN, I was thinking about Hunter.

    Kris, where is Florida are you? I have family at each tip. LOL
  9. by   2banurse
    Hi GraceyB, I'm in Bradenton which is on the Gulf Coast, 30 minutes south of St. Pete.

    I was looking at the Hunter website, pretty impressive. I think that even if I do the ADN down here, I might try to get in the RN to BSN up there.

    Where in the city are you? I love Manhattan, especially the Upper East Side. It's amazing how small townish it could feel during off peak hours.

    Feel free to email me if you (as you can see, NY is still in my blood).

  10. by   LuvaNurse04
    Hi Gracey! I am a nursing student at BMCC. After this semester I only have one more to go! The only reason you would wait to get into the program is if your GPA is low or you're applying to the evening program(in that case you would need all pre-reqs done before starting nursing courses). So don't believe everything you hear. Many times, schools may say things to discourage a student. It has happened to me. I say apply to every place you're interested in. It gives you a broader base to work with. I also like Hunter's BSN program. I graduated from there a few years ago with a diff. major (obviously). At the time, I wasn't able to get into their nursing program, but I'll probably go back for the BSN. Good luck to you and feel free to contact me.
  11. by   GraceyB
    Lilmamita, (luv the handle)

    I thought that Hunter only had a bridge RN/BSN program and above.

    I graduated from BMCC in 97 and on the Dean's list. Think I'll have some sort of senority to get into the program? LOL

    How is it going for you at BMCC? You're almost done - good for you!!!!!
  12. by   LuvaNurse04
    Hey girl! Hunter has a Generic pathway RN program for those of us who are not nurses. Then they have a RN pathway which is the RN-BSN program and graduate courses as well.
    Re: BMCC, yeah you should definitely have some clout up in there! It's going well thank you. I'm just counting the days until the end of this semester. I've learned in this program to just take it one exam at a time!
  13. by   GraceyB
    I'm accepted at BMCC for Nursing. Taking the first prerequisites this summer!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!
    Spent most of the day going from office to office and back again but I'm in!!!!!!!!
  14. by   szccdw
    Congratulations!! Study, Study, Study