Any final year students finishing this year? - page 3

new to this site, but have always loved reading replies and questions from people who have been in situations as me. Its 2013 when it hit midnight first thought was, wow this is my year, no more next... Read More

  1. by   brainsandbeauty
    its so exciting,so i have 1 class presentation to go,done 2 out of 3 assignments woohoo, told myself for my last year i wont be last minute. im from england,UK, i love this site because you hear from other nurses and nursing students and their experience. so here in order to finish successfully with have a huge essay to go with an oral exam,yes means they will be questioning me on anything and everything, im so not good in them situations. before finishing what else does eveyone have to do. come on june,i really need to finish and i deserve a vacation the day after i finish lool, cant wait, but very tired and stressed,its 2am and im still awake
  2. by   prettymica
    I officially finished today.. woohoo, here I come GA state boards!
  3. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Have 1 more semester that im taking starting on the 20th & I'll be finished with my LPN program! Then on to the ga boards, work work work & work! Retake my a&p & take biology & apply for fall 2014 lpn-bsn school!