1. Could anyone tell me why drugs under antacids class need to be given 1 hr ac or 2 hr pc other meds?

    Lots of thanks in advance.
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  3. by   KellNY
    Are you a nsg. student?

    I'm thinking you are (sorry if I'm wrong), and so think about it....

    What does an antacid do?

    Why wouldn't you want to do that when trying to digest a med?
  4. by   maxandruby
    Well, antacids decrease the acidity of gastric by bringing the pH level up, right? But I still don't get the connection of why it need to be given it before or after other meds. (I'm totally confused...and yes,I'm a sng. student)
  5. by   KellNY
    You need that acid to break down and digest those other meds.
  6. by   maxandruby
    So 1 hr ac to get the pH up, and 2hr pc to break down other meds?
  7. by   KellNY
    Yep--one hour ac to let everything return to its normal acidic self, or 2hr pp to give the meds a chance to begin their digestive journey through the gut.
  8. by   maxandruby
    Thank you Kell. It's been a long night for me...but you got me I can go to sleep.

  9. by   RN28MD
    max.. keep in mind that antacids change the ph which influences the absorption of other meds. it can increase their effect or decrease. this is why is recommended to give it 1 hr between certain meds such as cimetidine and rantidine.

    also a huge one is that all antacids cause enteric coated meds to dissolve in the stomach. so same here: administer them 1 hr apart from the enteric coated meds and weakly acidic drugs (digoxin, phenytoin, tetracycline). because if you don't then the enteric coated med will dissolve in the stomach. the whole reason why it is coated is to bypass the stomach. if these meds are for say dissolved (opened) in the stomach it can cause ulcerations. they are to dissolve in the intestine. i hope this helps a little.
  10. by   maxandruby
    Thank you RN28MD, your info is a big make it very clear.
    Your kindness is truly appreciated.

  11. by   RN28MD
    You are so welcome Max.. any time.