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As you all know I have to take the NET over again because I apparently came close to they are giving me another chance to take the test. I have to take the test next Tuesday on the... Read More

  1. by   rnnurse2be
    Sad isnt it?~! The very first thing I tell new students is to take what they hear (from advisors AND students) with a grain of salt!
    Ask.... then Ask again, if you still arn't sure ASK some more!

    My advisor messed me up on my nursing application, and I had to apply 4 months LATER!! ARGGGHHH
    Another fellow student applied TO EARLY... then found out about classes she had NO CLUE we were supposed to have taken. She was also told she didnt need to have her AAS degree to get her BSN, but that was the wrong advice! Hopefully she found out in time, although she'll be taking a lot of extra classes trying to catch up! NOT FUN!