Another semester down...4 more to go. What about you?

  1. Well, I just took my final in A&P I tonight and finished this semester. Finally! I THINK I came away with an A. It depends on the final though. Brutal.

    Is it just me or did everyone's semester last as long as mine? I begin nursing school in January and am getting prepared for that. How many more semesters do you all have and what's up for you next semester? (Or do we want to forget about school altogether? :chuckle )
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  3. by   LeesieBug
    Finals are next week...then only ONE more semester for me...Thank GOODNESS!

    This semester was, indeed, one that seemed to really drag out for me. I had a class I absolutely hated, which made me miserable the whole time. I'm glad it's almost over.

    Coming up is peds, critical care, and a coulple World Civ. classes. Makes me tired just thinking about I won't

    Enjoy your break!
  4. by   mandana
    Congrats! Today was my final - only two left! I needed an 89 on my final for an A in the class and I ended up with a 90 on the final - talk about cutting it close! Feels so great to be done.

  5. by   GPatty
    This semester will finish up in about two weeks, then 3 semesters to go....
  6. by   stressgal
    Finals were yesterday. Came out GREAT! Two more quarters to go for me, then I'm an RN. Hope they go by as quick as the last 5 quarters have!
    Enjoy the ride!
  7. by   lizziebeth157
    Finals are next week After that I'll have 3 semesters to go. (Maybe 4 if I decide to do a class during Maymester) I know I got an A in one of my clinicals, my prof told me so yesterday when she did my clincal evaluation That's probably the only A I'll get though
  8. by   CNMtobe2012
    finals next week for me too. after this semester 3 more to go. it has been going by pretty fast for me. may 2007 will be here before i know it. then i'll be lossing my mind over the nclex. wheeew! good luck to all. oh, below is a poem i gave to fellow classmates for encouragements!

    'twas the night before finals,
    and all through the college,
    the students were praying
    for last-minute knowledge.

    most were quite sleepy,
    but none touched their beds,
    while visions of essays
    danced in their heads.

    out in the taverns,
    a few were still drinking,
    and hoping that liquor
    would loosen their thinking.

    in my own room,
    i had been pacing,
    and dreading exams
    i soon would be facing.

    my roommate was speechless,
    his nose in his book,
    and my comments to him
    drew unfriendly looks.

    i drained all the coffee,
    and brewed a new pot,
    no longer caring
    that my nerves were shot.

    i stared at my notes,
    but my thoughts were all muddy;
    my eyes went a blur,
    and i just couldn't study.

    "some pizza might help,"
    i said with a shiver,
    but each place i called
    refused to deliver.

    i'd nearly concluded
    that life was too cruel,
    with futures depending
    on grades earned in school.

    when all of a sudden
    our door opened wide
    and patron saint put-it-off
    ambled inside.

    his spirit was careless,
    his manner was mellow,
    but summoning effort
    he started to bellow:

    "what kind of student
    would make such a fuss
    to toss back at teachers
    what they toss at us?

    on cliff notes! on crib notes! on last year's exams!
    on wing it and sling it, and last-minute crams!

    his message delivered,
    he vanished from sight,
    but we heard him laughing
    outside in the night:

    "your teachers have pegged you,
    so just do our best...
    happy finals to all, and to all, a good test."

    author- unknown

  9. by   RNLisa
    My final was last week. I ended up with an A in the class. Happy was I!!!

    I have 2 more quarters left (6 months) in my ADN program!! Will graduate in June 2006, the good Lord willing!!!

    Congrats to everyone and take it easy on your break! I have until Jan. 3rd. I am loving it!!

    Take care,
  10. by   Catys_With_Me
    one more to go...
  11. by   colleennurse
    I have a week and a half left and then 1 more semester! I am so excited to have my life back :chuckle
  12. by   MMARN
    I have four semesters to go. I haven't started yet!
  13. by   SoulShine75

    Thanks for the poem. I'm sure we could all use a little humor right now at crunch time.
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  14. by   SoulShine75
    Quote from colleennurse
    I have a week and a half left and then 1 more semester! I am so excited to have my life back :chuckle
    I wish I could say that. Just when I thought I'd have a nice, much needed break I find out that I have to learn a whole book's worth of medical terminology before classes begin. I wish they would have made it a pre-req instead of letting us know a few weeks before class begins there will be a test. Oh well...siyanara to my study free Christmas Break.