another first clinical day

  1. I am glad to hear someone is having a good clinical experience because my classmates and I we are having a really difficult time. I don't even know where to begin I have so much anger in me right now. We are on an orthopedic surgery floor right now for 6 weeks expect for one week when we are rotating and a couple of us each week will do OR and SDS until we each get a turn. My classmates and I either left very angry and about ready to go and beat on a punching bag to release that anger or very angry and full of tears. I was one of several full of tears. This is our very 1st clinical experience and we don't have a good clue as to what we are doing and we feel like we were not prepared well enough. We also feel like we have not properly learn how to do skills. One of my classmates got in a direct conflict between a nurse and the instructor. The nurse was telling her one way to do a skill and the instructor was disagreeing with the nurse and told her to do it another way. It got outright ugly. The nurses were rude to us and the instructor. The instructor (god bless her) is pretty stressed out because the nurses are not helping her out very much . Many of them obviously have forgotten what it is like to be a student and said they don't want or like students and a couple of them told some of us that we are a bunch of clueless students who should know more than what we know. We were not properly oriented to the floor, where things are and how thing work around the hospital.

    Individually I have all the above problems plus the fact that my pt did not want me to give him his bath. He said his wife will do it. He also did not want me to change his bed because he did not feel like getting up. I told him I can do it with him in it and he also said no because he felt like I would make his leg in even worse condition. (He was in a car accident and had surgery on it). The only good thing about today was my pt. did let me give his med and an assessment. I felt clueless about the assessment though because we have to do a complete Head to toe. I pretended that I knew what I was doing but my pt could tell I didn't. When I told him I was leaving he said he is going to get discharged and told me good luck in school and future career. So that kind of made me feel a little good. Just a little bit not very much.

    All I did today was give Meds and did an assessment. I did not do anything else and felt like I learned nothing.

    I feel like a clueless idiot. I hope the nurses are not like this the whole six weeks my classmates and I are in a whole lot of trouble.
    I always felt like I would be the average one book wise and the smart one clinically wise well now I feel like I am going to be clinically dumb and smart book wise.

    This is a day I hope will be the expection not the rule.
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  3. by   peaceful2100
    OOPS sorry everyone I got one of my own errors but it was too late. I had already sent it. I meant exception and not expection. It is obvious I am not cleary with it.
  4. by   KC CHICK
    Where in town are you having this horrible experience???
  5. by   essarge
    I feel so bad that you had such a horrible experience. I hope that your school gets things straightened out before you go back. Have any former students had the same problem at that particular facility? Maybe your school needs to meet with the administrator of the hospital and straighten this out.

    The argument that you mentioned between your instructor and the other nurse, did it take place in front of a patient?

    Let us know how things go in the future. Hang in there!
  6. by   trishfish
    I felt alot like you did my first clinical rotation. Relax, it will get better. You need to speak to your instructor about your difficulties. Ask your instructor to assist you in doing an assessment. Be honest with her, tell her you are unsure of your skills. This is your first time @ clinical, you are not expected to know everything.

    As far as your fellow not wanting you to give him a bath or change his bed it is OK. Let his wife give him his bath and change his bed. She is who he is comfortable with. As long he is not drawing flies it will be OK. My first rotation was in a Nursing Home. I was assigned to 1 patient the entire time. Somedays he would let me work with him, others he told me to get the you know what out of his room. I cried several times because our instructor kept on saying "Make sure they get a bath." She made it a big deal that we assisted with ADL'S. He did not want me to give him a bath he wanted the tech who he knew to give him the bath. You have to give and take. You could have given him a couple of soapy rags and allowed him to wash the essentials. That would have lasted till his wife got there.

    Just take a deep breath. It will get better.

  7. by   peaceful2100
    KC Chick Since you know Kansas City I'll tell. IT is independence regional hospital on Truman Rd. There is a group of 8 of us at the hospital the other 32 students are either at Research or Baptist and they said their first two days have gone by really well and the nurses there are really nice according to the students. The instructors feel the same way and Many of the instructors like Research and think it is a good hospital.

    The conflict was not in front of a patient. The instructor said each and every time it gets worse and she said that this will probably more than likely be the last semester nursing students from my school will go there unless serious changes are made.

    It was unexcuseable for the nurses behavior normally I don't make a big deal out of things I have a bad habit of ignoring situations like that because at my job there are some down right rude nurses but what those nurses did is beyond unreasonable and thinking that since we are there we can function as full licensed nurses is also not fair on the student or my clinical instructor who is really overwhelmed by not getting the support she needed herself.

    I am not saying the nurses should baby us (no way at all) but I am saying that their is a difference between being reasonable and understanding that we are students over expecting us to already know it all and not wanting to help very much.
  8. by   TexasRN to be
    You must go to my school. We are just as uninformed about what we need to do thatnks to our wonderful instructors who really hate their jobs. School is a nightmare. I am so frustrated and pissed I cannot stand going to school anymore. The only thing that keeps me going is the desire to prove all these teachers wrong and fulfill my dream of becoming an RN!! Keep your head up, girl! I know how you feel!