ANOTHER barely passing test grade :(

  1. I am in Nursing 1000 (fundamentals), and we just took our fourth test today.

    The first two I got in the 90's. The third was VERY difficult, with a lot of content, so I was relieved to pass(with an 82). This fourth had a HUGE amount of content but not very complex, and we all walked out of the test room relieved, and very confident. We waited an hour for the grades to be posted... lo-and-behold I have ANOTHER 82!!!! Most of the others did very poor too (passing is 80, and I would say only a couple got into the 90's), but it is SO frustrating...
    I don't think the questions were difficult at all! There are a couple that I realized I got wrong out of the test, but I do not see how I got so many wrong to get an 82! I realize I should be thankful to pass, but I am really frustrated as well as disappointed in myself...

    Thought I would just vent.
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  3. by   JR816
    I also am finishing fundamentals. The biggest challenge for me is having all of the answers be right, but which one is the best?? I am used to studying hard and getting A's. That is not the case here. I am just glad I am passing. I am sure that next semester, when I am in the hospital and learning hands on style, I will do alittle better. Good Luck to you~~
  4. by   crb613
    Why don't you go in & talk to your instructor? Look at your test & see the ones you got wrong & why they were wrong. It might be you thought the question was asking one thing when it was really asking something else. Just remember nursing tests are like no other....don't read too much into them, just what is stated in the question. Look at the questions/ answers as a perfect situation & all resources were avail. to you... Good Luck
  5. by   Momto3andNurse2B
    I would definitely take a look at the test. If you felt that confident, it will definitely help you to see which questions you got wrong and why.
  6. by   Boston-RN
    I agree w/ the other posters. Most advisors will let you look at the test, check the answers and see why you got the wrong answers and if you feel you answered correctly, they will explain (hopefully) the rational for the answer being different than what you picked.
  7. by   IMustBeCrazy
    :hatparty: Welcome to nursing school! :hatparty:

    Nursing school is a whole different animal than what you're used to. Passing a test (no matter by how much or how little) is a goal.

    And, a more important goal than the above is being willing to understand exactly why the answers you gave were wrong. It's part of a process that teaches you critical thinking skills, which for most people is an acquired skill and not something we are born with.

    Keep your chin up, and remember the above. Then, when the semester's done and you've PASSED the class with whatever the grade, CELEBRATE!!