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  1. Today was the day my first Pharmacology test. I could barely focus on anything all this week. In return I did horribly on the Pharmacology test. I passed and everything but only with a 72%. All I can think about is the people who are missing and the families and everything that is going on. This has been a really crazy week and my instructor is thinking about what she can do with the pharmacology test because my score was actually really good compared to the rest of the class. I just wished they would have put the test off until next week so everyone could have gotten over the total shock of everything but then again in the real world with the real stuff there is no putting off anything until the next week. The instructor lectured to us that this is just a bad week and it is just one test. She might do some curving, she might throw out the most commonly missed questions and make sure those are on the final. She said she really is unsure and has to think about it. All we can do is just keep praying or do whatever it is we do to cope for those who do not pray. I just hope those who did this receive their justice really fast.
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  3. by   GPatty
    Honey~ Your instructor is right. This has been a bad week for everyone. Hang in there! Remember this... how ill you ever be able to help in the medical field if you do not survive nursing school? God forbid if something like this ever happens in our own hometown, and nurses are needed.. so study hard and know that you will be prepared if another tragedy happens in our time again. (My instructor at school told our class this and it made sense when she said it!)
    God bless you,
  4. by   CEN35
    Julie said it all........keep your chin up!!!