anatomy vs. physiology

  1. i'm taking anatomy and physiology separately this summer. which class should i take first?
    i've heard that its more logical to take anatomy first, but i've also heard that there are concepts that you learn in physio, that you apply to anatomy.
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  3. by   tfleuter
    I am taking anatomy and physiology during the summer as well. Physiology is offered in the first block, anatomy is offered in the second, so I have no choice in the matter. If I were to follow the program's recommended course schedule, I would be taking anatomy first and then physiology. Since anat is not a pre-req to phys, I'm assuming I shouldn't be at too much of a disadvantage.
  4. by   fitzhughh
    They go hand in hand but, personally I would take anatomy first so that you can know the structuures. Once you know what the body structures are it will be easier to understand how they work.
  5. by   JenRN30
    Yep, anatomy makes the most sense to me too.
  6. by   butterfly135
    i took anatomy the 1st 8weeks of this semester and am in physiology now for the last 8 weeks. i would do anatomy first physiology is a breeze having the knowledge of anatomy first. there are a few in my class that haven't had anatomy yet and they are lost. i hope this helps a little. good luck
  7. by   SingDanceRunLife
    I'm taking A&P next year (I start school in August and take A&P I in the fall and A&P II in the spring)...But it's one course, so I have no choice.
  8. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Form before funtion... A before P