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I'm in need of some encouragement :o : This is my second attempt in Anatomy I and I know that I'm only going to come out of it with a D. It's not that the work was so difficult, it's just that with... Read More

  1. by   lanitra
    WOW! I guess I thought that I was ready, but after reading all of the posts, I guess I'm not ready ENOUGH. I haven't responded to many of the posts b/c I was too busy reading and thinking about my priorities. When I first began this journey, all I kept hearing was, "It's gonna take some sacrificing...., but it can be done." I THOUGHT that I was ready for the sacrifices, but I've learned that I wanted to "pick and choose" WHAT I was willing too sacrifice (if that makes sense). I've always been a person that was there for everyone-- friends, family, job, etc. and it's been a major adjustment not being there. My husband thought that I had lost my mind when I told him how guilty I've been feeling b/c I needed to stay home and write a paper instead of attending my b-i-law's b-day party. I'm trying to get to the point that I don't "feel" bad for not always being there for everyone and everything as I have been in the past and I'm finding out that my school work is suffering. It's not that I'm not studying, but I'm spreading myself so thin that I'm not putting AS MUCH as I need to put into it. Some of you may have a difficult time relating, but it's been difficult trying to make that transition in a semester. I've made some adjustment and I thought that I had it under control, but it's not enough for the classes that I've been taking. I (and my husband) have decided that I'm going to continue doing the best that I can (at THIS point) and take the summer off to re-evaluate myself and everything else and find out if I'm REALLY ready to do what I have to do to become a nurse.

    Thank you very much for your words (whether good or bad), encouragement, etc. I'll keep you posted on my decisions.

  2. by   orrnlori
    I do think some folks just can't make the commitment, I'm not trying to bad mouth you or anything. I think it's a natural human condition, particularly among women who feel they need to be there for everyone in their lives. It does take some selfishness as well as some thick skin to say "I'm going to do this for me!" and the rest of you have to take care of yourselves. You see it here all the time, from the moms with kids. It's just natural.

    I actually went to see a psychologist for several months before I quit my job and started school in earnest for two reasons. The first issue was whether I could literally walk away from a well paying job and become dependent financially on my husband. This was something I had never done, I'd been on my own since the age of 18 and was always self-supporting. The other issue was could I really make the commitment and let my family fend for themselves or was I going to drive myself nuts with guilt. Well, I obviously answered both those questions and went on and did it. Once I started, I was determined NOT to let anything get in my way.

    I think taking the summer off is a good idea. Only you can decide if you want to do this and you can put your mind in such a frame that you are successful. I wish you luck.