anatomy and phsiology class by distance learning

  1. Hi,
    does anyone know of an affordable A&P class that can be taken either online or print based. I need a 4 credit a&p class for prereq. Any info appreciated.
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  3. by   meownsmile
    Distance or online A&P would be a toughie. Might look at a nearby community college, you might get more from it than an online or distance class. Good luck.
  4. by   MsBruiser
    I started my basic healtcare provided bio class on the web. It is really not that bad -- as it is very basic, mostly memorizing. BUT - I am quiting work in August 2002 to go back to school full-time, as the heavy duty A&P classes are really tough to do online.
  5. by   mleotti
    Thanks for the input. Have you actually cmpleted an A&P class online or by distance learning? I would imagine it would be a tough class either way.
  6. by   wsiab
    Usually part of the 4 credits for Anatomy includes lab (cadaver dissection), you won't be able to do that over correspondence. I would also recommend going to the local community college for A&P.
  7. by   mleotti
    I found a couple of online courses. One is offered from the University of Alabama. It is a 4 cr class but it does not have a lab component. The other is offered from Eastern Oregon University it also offers 4 cr and does have the lab component. I do believe you use a kit containing a cat cadaver. It's also reasonably priced.

    Let me know if you want the links.

  8. by   squareface
    I am taking A & P II online through my local community college. It is a lot to take in through distance education. I feel like I am missing out on lab work, lectures etc. If you are looking for an easy way to get the credits under your belt, I would recommend it, but if you really want to learn all there is to know and have a full understanding... it requires more direction than I am getting from my online class. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  9. by   mleotti
    Thanks for the info. In your A&P class how is the lab credit earned? I realize that A&P is a tough class but do you think you are learning enough for your nursing classes or do you think that you may be sorry in the long run for the distance ed decision.

  10. by   StudentSandra
    In my program we are required to have A&P 1 & 2, both 4 hrs with lab. The "with lab" is part of the requirement. Make sure you check out the specific requirements at the school you are planning to attend. Good luck in your quest.
  11. by   Mkue
    Make sure that your nursing program will accept the online course, just to be sure, might want to have it in writing. You could always take the lab portion at a community college.

    Good Luck!!! Hope you do well !!
  12. by   christinemj
    rio salado college in az.... bio 201 - a&p i with lab and bio 202 - a&p ii with lab

    you do have to be motivated to make yourself learn it...because you don't have the "direction" of an instructor telling you what to do.. but.. you do have a detailed syllabus telling you what will be tested.

    i took a&p i & ii in a classroom setting already, and am taking it now through rio salado, to get a "current" credit (my nursing school requires sciences to be within 5 years) i am covering what i learned in the classroom setting at a 4 year college...and then some. when you're not exactly sure what you "need to know" you tend to learn just a little bit more.

    the a&p courses start about every 2 months.....

    the cost is $125 per credit for out of state students.

    the other option is university of kansas.. google for "edukan".... it was a little cheaper.. but followed the "semester" timeline

    it would have only cost me $300 per course to take it through my local technical college.. but.. honestly.. after seeing the syllabus from my tech college.... i am covering more information with the rio salado class. the 2 tech college courses are each "squished" into 8 week segments... and many topics are only "highlighted...not much depth, imho.

    hope this helps someone.....

  13. by   MsBruiser
    I'm doing my work through Rio Salado, too. Good courses but you need to be very disciplined!
  14. by   mleotti
    Thanks for the replies everyone. I am checking out Rio Salado and University of Eastern Oregon and University of Alabama. I did call my local community college and they ok'd all of the above. But I think I will follow the advice of mkue and request permission in writing once I select a course.

    Thanks again