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okay forum buddies! I have a very deep and philisophical question to ask of you.... I am becoming convinced, for some unknown reason, that I should pursue a career as a registered nurse, and... Read More

  1. by   LaVorneRN
    John, I am applauding you at this very moment. I am interested to see where your career takes you. You have seen a need and are doing something about it. I think you're absolutely right regarding the drug companies. In Alaska I have attended many drug dinners (the drug companies putting on dinners for docs,nurses, hospital pharmacists etc.)and when they would discover I was a nursing student they would always suggest getting into the drug rep. business. It is an option I think of down the road. I would like to do direct patient care for a while first.
    Nursing school will be rewarding for you,I'm sure. Like I said, this road for you is interesting-I'd like to hear how it goes for you!
    Peace and blessings!
  2. by   Pab_Meister
    Psssst!! And John...

    Just between you and I, I hear that women really love guys in scrubs!! Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. by   rosemadder
    Follow your heart..... we have eight males in our nursing class (none gay) and all getting ready to graduate May 12. One is retired in his mid 50s. I, myself will be 42 this month and finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grow up . Go for it!
  4. by   NICU_Nurse
    I'm echoing what someone else said! You have no idea how funny it is to try your entire bag of tricks getting some of these older female patients to cooperate! I figure they've earned the right to be stubborn, but darn if it doesn't make you sweat trying to work with them, and then a male nurse/nsg student will walk in and they are giggling like schoolgirls and suddenly graciously cooperating with the most trivial request! LOL! When I was in nursing school, the guys in our clinicals thought we were crazy. We'd come out, red-faced, hair mussed up, uniform crooked, grinding our teeth and BEG them to go in and try. They'd come out in two minutes smiling and waving goodbye at the patients who had miraculously been cured of their donkey-itis and looking at us like we'd lost our minds for being so unreasonable. So, it does have it's benefits. ;>) Not to mention all the times I saw these sweet old grandmothers try to set up our male counterparts with their single granddaughters, so have hope! You'll make a great nurse. You're already showing enthusiasm and compassionate thinking, and the only thing left is technical skill and knowledge. One is no more important than the other, IMO. Good luck!
  5. by   Pab_Meister
    Rosemadder and Kristi, and everyone else who has responded:

    Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. I know that without you people I would still be wondering if in fact I were nuts for wanting to become a nurse, rather than getting on with the job of pursuing a wonderful new career and new life!

    I've begun the journey. Since I have a full time career that I must also tend to, it may take a bit longer than for some. I must maintain a residence and have to support myself while going to school, not to mention paying for the classes! I've written the "placement exam" in Buffalo. I've signed up for a "border card" with immigration. On Tuesday, I'll be signing up for a math course in town to "brush up" on my math skills. This summer, I intend to take the "Math dosage" course in Buffalo. By Christmas, I should have the prerequisites out of the way. I'll keep you all posted!

    Congratulations Rosmadder on your upcoming graduation! I'm sure you'll be a great nurse!!

    Thanks again for all of your encouragement, support, and wisdom! Have a great Holiday weekend!

  6. by   Lys
    hey alexander,

    i'm in school right now, in the conestoga/mcmaster collaborative program, year 2...just thought i'd give you a bit of a student's perspective, and ontario ;-)

    the program is hard...i will admit that now, but it's 400% worth it, every tired, coffee infused, reflective moment of it. i promise.

    my program has about 10 men, and about 60 women in it...some of the complaints that i've heard from the men are that people constantly ask "you're a are you going to go all the way and be a doctor"...personally, i get this sucks firstly because people are totally underestimating what we nurses do! also, they're living into the stereotype that men are doctors, not nurses..which is bs!! (in my humble opinion of course).

    also, what i've heard from some of the guys in my class is that it's hard being all "touchy-feely" all the time...our program, the mac model of nursing, is all about reflecting (congruent with the cno guidelines of reflective practice) and gaining insight into it can get really frustrating, but it's really given me personally a much better idea of myself...and what i want from life.

    i would totally say go for it...which schools are you considering? (we at conestoga/mac would love to have ya ;-) got any cute younger brothers too! heeeheee...sorry!)

    much luck in whatever you decide to do,


  7. by   lrbuck
    Hi Alexander. I just found this website today.We sound so much alike. I am a 37 yr old male who has never been married. I have ALWAYS been fascinated by medicine, but could never make up my mind what area of medicine to go into. I have not been admitted into a Nursing program yet, but will be taking an exam on May 6 for Certified Nursing Asst 1. I do have some serious concerns about my phobia of bad smells. I can't even change a baby diaper without gagging, so I am VERY concerned how I am going to deal with the smell of feces, urine,vomit, etc. I also think I may have a problem with giving enemas, fecal impactions, and things of this nature. I would welcome any advice or suggestions from anyone who reads this reply. All of you experienced nurses are especially welcome to reply. I really need some suggestions.

    However, I will never know if I can do it if I don't try it. Life is too short for saying I Could Have...,I Should Have...,or I Would Have....

    I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide to do. Please feel free to contact me if you wish. I would like to hear from you.
  8. by   Pab_Meister
    Hi Irbuck!

    Thanks for your input! I too have all of the same phobias you mention. The way I see it is that it's kind of like being on Fear Factor. Eating steamed buffalo gonads wouldn't have an effect on you if you came from a culture where you ate them with fried eggs every morning, would it? Of course not! Well, the way I see it, these things will only bother you for a while. Once you do them a few times, it won't be any big deal. Best of luck! Stay in touch!

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  9. by   Pab_Meister
    Here it is again.