Am I biting off more than I can chew? - page 2

:confused: I have been reading some of the posts and threads about classes you people are taking in the fall. I have been at CC already three years and don't want this to keep dragging out. My four... Read More

  1. by   Debbie5
    Thank everyone for your thoughts! Like I always tell my kids; You may have a lot going on but you can always put 100% into what you are doing at the moment. It's all a matter of pacing yourself, stopping once in a while to get a breath and keep going. It is very motivating to see that others are making school, families and jobs work - I now feel empowered to do it too.!

  2. by   emily_mom
    I've also taken the 3 1/2 year route to get a 2 yr ADN. As far as the A & P, I had friends that took general bio first, and they did really well. The same instructor taught both, so I'm sure that's why.

    Make a ton of notecards for A & P. You can study them wherever, and it's easier to learn little tidbits here and there than to stare at 60 pages of notes.

    Good luck to you!!!!
  3. by   GPatty
    I am also a firm believer in "drop a class if you need to".
    I am trying ADV.A&P, Microbiology, Sociology and Public Speaking this fall.....If I cannot handle it, I will drop a class. I just wanted to get enough points together to be accepted into the ASN program at school, and all the points are going to be tallied at the end of fall....
    Best of luck to both of us!