1. Hi, I just took the CPT test for my school. I scored very low on the algebra portion of the test. The good news is that I can retest in just that one area. I scheduled an apt for the last week of July. My question is, is there a program or something to help me learn Elem. Algebra. I never took it in school. If I can pass this part of the test, I will not have to take any math classes.
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  3. by   Mkue
    "Algebra for Dummies", it's suppose to be really helpful, also there are some online sites, etc. that may be useful.

    Good Luck, hope you pass !

  4. by   Lisa1970
    thanks . I found a site called Algebra for Morons, it helps. has some good math sites to.
  5. by   Lisa2902
    I also had to test out of algebra by taking the CPT algebra portion. I purchased "Math Smart" by The Princeton Review from my mall bookstore for about $9.00. It was a great book and taught me everything I needed to know for the CPT and was very easy to understand. I also purchased "algebra for dummies" and I didn't like it. I would definately recommend the "Math Smart" book. (by-the-way ... I passed the test!)
  6. by   Lisa1970
    I did not pass my CPT first time, but I will buy the "Math Smart" If I don't pass this time, I am going to have to take a math class YUCK***
  7. by   prmenrs
    Bad news. You WILL need math for nursing. You will need to be able to solve for "x". You will need to be able to figure correct doses of meds and IV fluids, etc., to be able to ACCURATELY and SAFELY care for patients.

    My suggestion is to go to the college bookstore, buy a beggining algebra text book and use it. Even better would be to sign up for the beggining algebra class that goes with it. Possibly, you could do it over the summer.

    Don't do this just to pass a test; do it because it will make your life as a nurse easier and safer.

    Good Luck to you.
  8. by   GPatty
    When I scored low on my test for Algebra, I went to the tutoring lab in my school and was tutored each week for an hour at a time. I ended up in Algebra class instead of Basic Math. Try your tutoring lab at your school! They work!
    Good Luck!
  9. by   Lisa1970
    I passed math for meds, it is basic algebra that is the problem
  10. by   JillyT
    I've taken it a few times....Tutoring is the way to go!!
  11. by   Beach_RN
    I am taking the Algebra classes this summer, Algebra I and Algebra II.. I felt it was better to just suck if up and take the classes and have a solid foundation. I didn't want to end up freaking out later in the game because I was clueless!

    Good Luck

  12. by   Lisa1970
    I purchased the math smart book, & getting a tutor. I am sure that all will be fine. I can already figure out IV's and dosages.
  13. by   Mkue

    If you passed math for meds then you are on your way.

    I want to take Math for Nurses too, along with Statistics.

    I'm so glad these extra Math courses are offered, it makes one more confident !!!

    Good Luck

  14. by   Lisa1970
    I feel kinda dumb lol, I can pass math for meds, but I can't pass basic algebra. :-(