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  1. I attended a state school off and on for 10 years. I was careless about taking out student loans (I would take max even though I only needed half). In the fall of 2002 I took out a loan for the fall and spring. I never attended in the spring. I just assumed that they never received disbursement for the loan. I am now attending a local CC and I really love it. I am very close to my limits for loans so I was looking on Sallie Mae's website and it shows that they made a disbursement for the spring semester and that I am responsible for it (it was for 5000.00). I contacted Sallie Mae and they said that they definitely made the disbursement. I spoke to the school on at least 3 different occasions and each time they said that they never received the money. Finally I spoke to someone in the financial aid office who said that I need to speak to the bursar. I wish they had told me this 3 weeks earlier. In the meantime I had written a letter to the dean of students who forwarded the letter to someone who could handle it. It turns out that they have been holding onto this money for over a year. I really do not why they just didnt send back the money. They said that they will start the procedure to send back the money. They said it takes about 3 weeks. It has been almost 2 months and Sallie Mae still hasn't received the money back. I was just notified by the CC that I cannot take any loans out due to the fact that I reached my limits.

    My question is - what should I say to these morons at the state school to get them to return the money. I left a message today and they never got back to me (big surprise - not). I am thinking about writing a letter to the President of the college to put pressure on them.

    I cannot believe that I have been paying interest on money that has been sitting at that dump they call a school. If they do not return that money soon I won't be able to pay for the Fall semester and I will be screwed, blued and tattooed

    Thanks - Tracy
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  3. by   cns48

    I had this happen to me when I graduated from college and decided to go to graduate school. At the last minute I realized after just spending four years in college, I needed a job and decided not to go to grad school the first semester like I had plan. Loan money was sent to the school and it was a tough time getting it back to the lender. I called the school everyday or so and followed up with the lender. I called so much that they got tired of dealing with me.

    I would suggest that you do the same. If this doesn't work, then write the letter to the president explaining the lack of efficiency among the bursar and financial aid office and how it is preventing you from taking classes.

    Good luck! Contact them regularly even if it has to be everyday. They will get tired of you calling and leaving messages and hopefully do their job.

  4. by   Carolanne
    That's disturbing, why would they hold onto the money if they're not going to keep it anyway? Something's odd. But like CNS48 said, be persistent, call daily, and go to the Dean if you're not getting anywhere. If worse comes to worse, call your family lawyer for advice or your local legal aid or better business bureau. There are people out there who can make them crack that safe a little faster. Good luck!
  5. by   nurse2btracy
    I called again and got voice mail which stated that the box was too full to leave a message. I emailed the president and I sent him a hardcopy of the letter. I hate this school - it is so disorganized.

    SUNY Old Westbury - :angryfire
  6. by   CarVsTree
    I would call the President immediately and explain that you are unable to obtain loans to further your education and that you are paying interest. Don't waste time. Also, contact the lender and explain that the school will not release the money. That may put a fire under'em. Good luck!