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Hello all, Well, i have finally been able to apply to the accelerated nursing program at my school. I am so nervous. :p Been taking one class for about a year and a half, pretty much broke,... Read More

  1. by   RedVaz
    Congratulations, EmmyBSU! I'm so excited for you. It's got to be a great relief! Good luck.
  2. by   emmybsu
    Thank you so much Red. Very excited when I received that letter.
  3. by   camkib

    Wonderful, wonderful news!!!
  4. by   RedVaz
    I finished!!!

    All my grades are in for the final semester! We don't officially graduate until May, but I have successfully completed all the requirements for my BSN. It's amazing how different things were just a few years ago.

    Thanks for all your support on this BB.

    New worry... the NCLEX
  5. by   TLC RN
    That is so awesome! Congratulations :hatparty:

    In one year, I hope to be where you are now. I am starting a 12 month 2nd degree program the first week of May.

    It was also a long process of not getting into my first choice school because of stiff competition (500 applicants for 50 slots). I was so upset but another door opened. So for everyone applying...keep trying! It will eventually happen