Accelerated BSN programs

  1. Does anyone know which accelerated BSN programs are less competitive? I'm having a hard time finding one that won't consider you if you don't have something like a 4.0 GPA.
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  3. by   Nathalie
    Depends on where you live but I got in an accelerated BSN program in Miami Florida with a 3.0. The school in called Barry University. Dont get me wrong tho'...the program is as intensed as all of the other programs. The reason why they consider people even if you dont have a 4.0 is because they look at your science grades rather than everything else. DONT let their tuition scare you off. They have excellent fiancial aid! Hope this helps you Good Luck
  4. by   jhawk07
    I got in with a 3.4, but this only included my nursing prereqs not any of the other courses I had taken that lowered my GPA to a 3.23. they also looked at individual grades in your science courses (I had gotten an A in Microbiology, a high B in Anatomy, a B in Physiology, and a high B in Anatomy Lab) I dont see why a B is a bad thing it is still above average and I've always had higher than a 3.2GPA. Even this semester when I am REALLY apathetic about all my classes (i.e. I dont care really) I think I will still get a 3.1 or 3.2GPA. I live in Kansas BTW. This school also does interviews and that really helped me I think because even if you get a 4.0 they want to make sure you are personable enough to be a nurse. Some people who get 4.0s are crazy I think and I dont think they have a life outside of studying, and thus they are very personable people. Or they just go to a really easy school and get a 4.0 and then apply to a harder school and get in because they got good grades at an easy school. I'm at a 4-year public university getting my prereqs which is harder than a community college from my experience (I took a few comm. college classes in HS). Just apply EVERYWHERE and you'll get in somewhere.
  5. by   Nitsirk51
    Thanks everyone for responding. jhawk07, where did you get accepted? I am a little scared to apply to any program because I have a pretty bad GPA because of a horrible freshman year. My GPA is pretty decent if you only count the last 60 credit hours. I'm just not sure if I should even waste my time applying.