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Forgive me, but I've noticed on these boards when a student is afraid of a overly harsh clinical instructor, there seems to be a running theme: angry clinical instructors that embarrass students,... Read More

  1. by   FrazzledButBlessed
    I just wanted to report back and say, DON'T GIVE UP! It DOES get better. Yes, it was a rough first half of the year. I spent it in agony, tears and intermittent bouts of gastrointestinal distress. I am officially 17 days away from graduation. I have had a wonderful final term and memories of those days are just that. Could you pay me to go back? One word: No.

    The instructor is now nice to our class (we are out of her grips at this point), but the poor class below us has been reduced from 25+ to just five. Five people. And they still have until May. Nine were let go on one day. It is absolutely heinous.

    I can't believe my journey is coming to an end (Please pray I pass finals and the exit exam!). Please hang in there. You can do this. Look at it the way I did...I had this instructor as a teacher last term. I blew the final exam out of the water (1020!) That to me was enough of a "Ha! In your face!" to get me through.

    Do your best. Don't give up. If your best isn't good enough, at least you can say you tried, and will not have regrets. In the meantime, vent all you want about it, chug the tums and persevere. *hugs to everyone*
  2. by   Ayala
    Boy, am I glad I found this thread! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I feel much less alone and discouraged when I realize that my experiences are NOT unique. Sad to say, there are nurses who eat their young.
  3. by   sweetbeet
    I'm happy to say that our course coordinator has taken our complaints seriously. In my program we have documentation to back up our skills for each rotation. Some of us who have had clinicals with the coordinator and have then had them with the "problem" instructor at least had a leg to stand on since the coordinator knew what our skill level was and that we were not just whining about having to do work.

    It's frustrating because you don't want to be whiny nursing student. But I think it's important to speak up when you can and make sure you can back up your accusations.
  4. by   Pneumothorax
    i havent read this whole thread, but my current instructor is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*******
    and we butt heads all the time, however, she knows her stuff which i like and if im prepared we dont have conflict so, i guess it all depends?
  5. by   2bAngilRN
    Quote from kdonna
    I am disappointed in nursing school. I've not only found the clinical instructor is mean (to me), but has favorites (those with more experience) and isn't afraid to let it show. If I already knew about how to be an RN I wouldn't be here. Getting a sinking feeling that I may not pass clinicals...and it would be the first fail in my life. I am not impressed with the nurses attitudes, in general, either. They don't want to take the time to teach in almost every case. Its great when you do the grunt work for them though. The system seems broken.
    You are right about the system being broken and some nurses can't stand nursing students but don't mind you doing the grunt work for them. Shame......
  6. by   UpTheLadder12
    Wow I wish I had read this thread sooner, I went through this a couple months ago with a substitute clinical instructor who took over during our final rotation of our LVN program.
    She had no faith that we had learned anything, never listened to a word we said, yelled at us all the time IN FRONT of patients! She performed colostomy care with NO GLOVES!!

    I chose to go to LVN school and do the ladder up to BSN because of being a single mom and needing to work as soon as possible, but if I could go back I would do RN school before having kids. I feel like there's a general attitude like "they're just LVNs, it doesn't matter if they learn much." The program is strict but yet it lacks a lot academically. THANK GOD our regular clinical instructor came back from medical leave just before I lost my mind.

    I honestly feel like I learned more of what not to do from the RNs and LVNs at our clinical sites, and from the substitute that we had to put up with for two looooooong months. She kept telling us we didn't have enough "runway" for our injections, like we're flying planes. We had to start way back, it was embarrasing, I had to fight myself to keep from laughing while I gave insulin, knowing that she was having me start way to far back as if I was chucking a football.

    And don't even get me started about some of the theory classes! Eeeeek! Almost done with LVN........but now I fear how behind I'll be in RN school with the bizarre clinical experience I've had, and with all your horror stories.
  7. by   d2long
    What did you do about all of this? I am going thru the same thing right now. d2long
  8. by   missna4u
    Our instructor laughs when the students don't do good. Laugh in our faces. "Doesn't matter to me, I have my licence already and you don't HA HA!" Really, lady? Geesh! It's discouraging and disheartening. Like, are you for us or against us? I don't understand it. I see the whole wanting us to be awesome, compotent nurses but everyday I hear people say how much they're second guessing this career path JUST because of the teachers(and older nurses at clinicals). Why do nurses eat their young alive???? not cool!
  9. by   AnnieBanani
    Thank you to all who have posted on this thread. Now I know that I am not alone. I am having a nightmare of an experience with my current clinical instructor. She is rude and demeaning to me in front of my peers as well as in front of the hosptial staff. She makes me feel inept and stupid. I simply do not understand why people need to treat other people in this way. I have been up all night wondering if I should continue on this path or not. I have contemplated writing a letter and sending it to the dean but I am afraid of the repercussions that this could have. She has already hinted that she fails students...she seemed quite proud of that fact too! After reading all of your experiences I realize that it is not just me who has had to endure torment and abuse in nursing school!
  10. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I agree that there are instructors out there who have some kind of mental/emotional instability. When I was in LPN school over 28 years ago, we had one instructor that was very up front about her intentions. Three of us girls were a different race and financial status (we were poor as church mice and she flashed her money/jewels/cars) than this teacher. She said in front of the other students that she was going to weed us three out, and make sure the male student of her race was going to graduate if it killed her, that no male of her race had graduated the program before and he was going to do it if it killed her. And she said it more than once, I mean every week it was said to us.
    In the end, the other two girls AND the male student all dropped/flunked out. I made it out and graduated the program, no thanks to her. She was not only our clinical instructor but also lectured in class the first quarter. I did not get a good grade, it was passing, but not great in her lecture class.
    We told our DON and the other teachers what she had said, and all they said was to prove her wrong, do well and get past it. Well, that was d*mned hard to do. She SHOULD have been counseled, fired, what have you.
    And the fact that this is allowed to keep going on, nearly 30 years later shows that nursing schools are still stuck in this "take abuse and suck it up" mentality. My question is WHY? We wouldn't, as nurses or just people in general, counsel others to stay in an abusive situation and just 'take it, that's the way it is.'

    Speaking of unstable instructors, in that same program, I had our mental health instructor ask me if I would be a surrogate mother for her. We, the students, had been discussing our pregnancies, and I stated how I had relatively comfortable pregnancies and how I enjoyed being pregnant. A day or two later, she came and sat with me at lunch and asked me right out if I would be interested in carrying a baby for her. My answer was, and still would be, no, I would be afraid I would get attached to the child. Later on, it struck me just HOW inappropriate it was for her to ask me this while I was her student. She was a very nice lady and I ddin't fear any retribution from her, and there was none, but it just wasn't correct.
  11. by   carme1976
    I had an instructor who spent most of the time in the room behind the nursing station, we were suppose to pass out medication every week, over 10 weeks we did it twice. I feel like I learned nothing.
  12. by   yooper13
    I think there is a difference between being "abusive" and being "harsh" ... I had a pretty harsh instructor, who expected perfection at everything. I DID learn a lot from her...but she wasn't actually abusive or singling people out..she was the same way with all of us! We would b*^ch about her amongst ourselves, but she really did make me learn...so maybe the people who are saying that "those are the instructors you want" are really talking about the harsh ones, and not the abusive ones? It is always wrong to be abusive, in ANY case. Making you do your best, though, is a different story...
  13. by   missna4u
    I know exactly what you mean. My clinical teacher is so strict but she's AWESOME! She makes sure she nails it in our brains and I appreciate her for that. She even has her scrubs on, in the rooms with us, elbow deep in poop. But man oh man, when she drills us, it makes you wanna go in the corner and hide. Big difference from our lecture teacher......