1. I recently bought one of those skeletons that you have to put together. It has the heart, liver, and all of the other organs. It has the veins arteries, heart. Has anybody ever tried this for anatomy to learn? It is a plastic piece that you paint the various body parts.
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  3. by   Carleigh
    Sounds cool. I'd like to know if it helps also. I don't know about having to paint anything though. Anyone else tried something like this?
  4. by   renerian
    I love stuff like that! I did a heart once.......I ended up giving it to the high school where my kids went. The teacher loved it!

  5. by   nrselisa
    Wow! I wish I would of had something like that when I was in A & P! It sounds like fun!
    I found it in one of those hobby shops. He says he can order an ear, heart, whatever we need. I thought that was way cool. I am using colored pens to color some of the stuff on mine. It comes with the book that tells you the various parts and the function. I would recommend this to anbody that has got to take anatomy.
  7. by   GPatty
    I think that sounds really neat!
    What a good idea! Hope it works for you!