A&P ll with Nursing 101???

  1. So at my school they have the "suggested course sequence". The only pre reqs to nursing are A&P l, General Psych., college algebra, and a computer course. Then during nursing school there are about 7 general education classes you take with nursing courses. You can do your gen eds before you enter the program though, which I have done, except for one course- A&Pll. My school doesn't offer the accelerated course or i would take it this fall with a&p l. (i've applied to the spring 2010 program.) Now if I hadn't pulled out my other gen eds my first semester would be Nursing 101, A&P ll and Developmental Psych. But since i already took psych I'll just have the 2 classes (it'll be 14 credit hours) Can this be done? I'd hate to postpone ns for ONE class (it has to be done by the first semester of ns) but i'd hate to fail either course because then you are withdrawn from the program. I only work on the weekends and I have 2 small children,but I have an excellent support system. I know I'll have to bust my but, and the effort doesn't bother me. I know people are going to think "well it depends on what kind of student you are" but I'm more or less just wondering if anyone else has ever done a schedule like this and succeeded. thanks for any info!
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  3. by   matilda123
    I don't know what school you are attending, but I think most nursing programs are similar. I finished my 1st semester of nursing in May, and am soooooooooooooo glad I had all pre and co requisites done before hand!
    Nursing school is much more difficult and stressful than anything you have taken before! The information you receive in nursing school is fast and furious and overwhelming. I had all but Microbiology done before starting, and am taking it now this summer. I did well last semester, but cannot imagine trying to fit in other classes too!!

    good luck to you
  4. by   CrunchyMama
    My school also makes you take A&P1 before starting nursing. But I've taken both to get them out of the way....going through it, I'm glad I did. There's no way I'd want to take A&P2 with nursing. I know some people that have and they say I'm doing it the smart way. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  5. by   amarilla
    Certainly, taking a full course load can be done while in nursing school.

    I took A&P II with Nursing I of an ADN program, (along with Calculus II, Histology, and American Lit at the university.) Second semester, I took a similar course overload at 22 credits with Nursing II. Though I was a bit sleep deprived and looked pretty frazzled, my grades were great and I wasn't any worse for wear.

    Granted - I don't have any children but I do work and have other obligations. You just have to want it enough. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


  6. by   ari143
    Ya it can be done.
    at my school you had to either have both parts of A&P done before entering, or you had to do both of them there.
    My fist semester I took A&P1, Nursing 110, and an english writing class for a total of 15 credits. my second semester i took A&P2 alond with nursing 115, and nursing 120, for a total of 14 credits. next semester ill have at least 18. It is deffinatly hard, but managable.

    I dont have kids, but i did have and will continue to work full time during the semester.

    Good luck
  7. by   greeniebean
    Well I figure somebodies done it because otherwise why would they set up that course sequence? It's my last gen ed and like I said, I have to take it this spring and I just can't fathom spending yet ANOTHER semester for one class (i'll have been in school a year and 1/2, full time doing gen eds and stuff) I guess I'll try it and see how it goes.I mean, we dont even do pharm our first semester. Thanks for all the advice!