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I just purchased my books for A&P and I would like to study but I am curious what is taught in the first part. If it helps any my my book is Human A&P 5th edition by Elaine N. Marieb and I have 4... Read More

  1. by   Momto2Boys
    Originally posted by marilynmom
    Maybe just start working on the terms (dorsal, medial plane, superior, things like that) just one less thing to learn that is important in the overall study of A&P I think. Start looking over the bones and muscles since you will have to learn all that as well.

    Good luck, my Anatomy teacher just posted our grades today and I made an A and I loved the class!!


    Thanks for the great advise/feedback and congrats on the A!!!
  2. by   Momto2Boys
    Wow thanks for the great advise everyone. I was looking through the book and saw what was mentioned in here so that leads me in a good direction. School starts on June 2nd!!!
  3. by   krisRN2B
    We started A&P 1 with a brief section on levels of body organization, homeostasis, and basic anatomical terminology (planes and sections, positions, and regional names). Little bit of chem too. Dived right into the tissue level and the integumentary system. Next was skeletal, joints, muscle, nervous(my favorite ), the brain, and lastly, special senses. A really really super text is PRINCIPALS OF ANATOMY AND PHYSISOLOGY: BY: TORTORA & GRABOWSKI.
  4. by   LauraLou
    We used the same book, Human A&P 5th edition by Elaine Marieb. A&P I covered chapters 1 thru 16. A&P II picks up with chapter 17, the endocrine system.

    You might want to purchase the Interactive Physiology cd produced by adam.com/Benjamin Cummings. It correlates with the chapters in the Marieb book and has great interactive tutorials on the major concepts for the muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory and urinary systems. I found it very helpful.