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Today I stopped by my school bookstore to find out what book I needed for my A&P class this summer. I wanted to buy it online (used) so I don't have to pay almost $100 used from them. Well I can't... Read More

  1. by   HollieRN
    The colouring book is defineatly the way to go We had A&P I and II in the same semester and it was absolutely brutal ... I think the colouring book and writing out my notes over and over is the only thing that got me through.
  2. by   Jennerizer
    Right, I have that book too...the author is Marieb I think. The only other Anatomy book author I know of is Martini. That's why I'm questioning which one it is....because they are both good books. I would definitely go back to the bookstore & find out.
  3. by   HollieRN
    I have the Marieb one ... Came w/ a pretty handy CD too, if i remember correctly It was an awesome book.
  4. by   Cynthiann
    I actually got to see the book this time and it's the Marieb book. At the bookstore outside of the school they are selling it for $84 used. I will be looking online for something cheaper or if you guys want to sell it to me for cheaper I'm all for it.

    Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions.
  5. by   botgirl
    Hi there! I will be taking A&P over the summer and am also using the book by Marieb. I had to buy mine in a bundle (I'm taking a distance learning class), but I looked online and found it for under $50. I really like this site that compares many online vendors and shows coupon codes:

    then I used my ISBN 0805349898 - which I figured was the same:

    I hope this helps! But be careful of edition number and shipping time!
    jessica :~)
  6. by   opalmRN
    Hi all,
    I have just finished A&P II so I no longer need my book. It is the Marieb Anatomy and Physiology 5th ed. The ISBN from the back cover is 0-8053-4989-8. The cover is a photo of Mia Hamm kicking a soccer ball.

    I have the textbook, study workbook and CD. The text has some highlighted pages. The study workbook I only used for a few chapters. Since I was pulled from the waiting list to take this class I needed my books ASAP and paid through the nose at the school bookstore. I would be willing to part with these books for a reasonable deal. There is also a skeletal photo book.

    If you have a need and are intersted, pm me.
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