76 first theory exam

  1. Hello all I am fustrated and need to vent. I'm used to getting A's. On my first exam in theory I scored a 76. I am doing swell in my other classes being all A's eg. Skills, transcultural nursing. My question is how did u handle a crappy grade. Should I be worried? Should I just focus on passing the course. Btw a passing grade is a 76 in this fundamentals of nursing theory class.
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    I failed my first and last nursing exams, but nothing in between. I had to get used to the style with the first one, and I showed up sick and hour late for the last.
    As a side note, get out of the habit of using "u" as an actual word sometime before you graduate.
  4. by   2016srnfcc
    thanks for putting in your perspective.
  5. by   roser13
    Use your frustration to figure out how you might improve your score next time.
  6. by   dishes
    Just drink the koolaid and repeat the mantra nursing theory is important to guide nursing practice and improve patient care, try to fake an interest in the 'art' of nursing, the torture of the class will soon be over with.
  7. by   TheCommuter
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