71.6 in A&P now...have to have 70 to pass

  1. uuummm pray? I will see if anyone I know has any websites or anything toi help you out...have you tried Grays anatomy online? Hope it all works out....will cross fingers, toes, would say legs, but would be kind of hard to walk
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  3. by   MollyJ
    Go talk to the instructor and see what they suggest.

    Try relaxation and deep breathing exercises before tests and quizzes. You may be stressing and too anxious to show 'em what you know.

    Realize the neuro and endocrine are, I think, among the hardest and I would guess all people do a little less sterling here, if that is the part that you are doing.

    Realize that the earth will likely keep spinning on its axis if you have to do a retake on A & P. It is a large body of knowledge and a new vocabulary. So be nice to yourself. I passed A & P with a great grade 25 years ago, but I would benefit from taking it over. It is a huge body of knowledge.

    Make sure you are using any aids the teacher gives you: study guides, recommended readings, quizzes before the test (what they emphasize clues you into what the teacher thinks is important). They cannot test you over everything, so use every clue they give you and spend your time studying what they tell you is important.

    If you are married or have big kids, get those family members to quiz you or ask you simple things that you need practice spitting back. For example, "Mom, what are the 12 cranial nerves and how do you test for them?" Cheat as much as you need to at first (that is, look at your notes) but over time, try to be able to spit it out more and more independently. this gives you a chance to read it, say it and hear it and appeals to 3 different learning modalities.

    Use mnemonic memory devices whenever you can. For example, when I was learning Kubler-Ross's stages of grief, I forced myself to remember DABDA (and I said it as a nonsense word) and to this day I can tell you her stages are denial, anger, bargaining, despair and acceptance. I've used nonsense words to help me remember long lists of ideas in many different subject areas.

    Good luck
  4. by   janleb
    When we did muscles, I got out my markers and poster board. I started with the extremities, and then went to major muscle groups. Know what the antagonist of the muscle is. marked what the prime movers are, origin and insertion. Looking at the whole picture can get discouraging, so start with the upper arm and so on. Do you have to know innervation? Are you also doing muscle physiology? Take little chunks of info and look at it from all possible angles.
  5. by   essarge
    Only two weeks left of this class and I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread. Started out great and for some reason, no matter how much studying I do, I can't get a good grade. I'm even drawing blanks on the terminology quizzes and I should know that stuff!!

    Any advice? We're on the muscles now and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!!