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I got a letter the other day from my program that said something like........."We're just doing a study to asses the effectiveness of our prerequisites. If you would please fill out this survey and... Read More

  1. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by Peeps Mcarthur
    The test was given by the administration to fulfill requirements for funding. It was computerized and developed by HESI as a measurement of accoutability of the school to train funded (school loans) students, of which I'm not even part of .

    Of course I've signed an agreement not to talk about specifics of the test (good idea on HESI's part), but some of the questions were quite difficult......................if you were'nt a good student during prereqs you would end up telling them that.

    One of the first things you do while logging on to the test is put in your social security number:uhoh21:

    Did you notice that I quit calling it a survey?

    We did fill out a written survey that didn't require your social, but the nursing administrator that proctored the test just said "oh, turn that in at your first day of class".....................like anybody gives a crap about it

    The test has a scoring section so you can know how bad you did right away and the same section "advises" you to get tutoring if you fall below a certain line in a section.

    They have your social, so they know who choked........Good luck "C" students
    Well that was some little "survey" you had there..lol.. That sounds kind of fraudulent if they call it a survey and it's a test.. hmm.. well just another hoop to jump thru.

    I'm sure you did really well on it and thanks for the warning !
  2. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    By Mkue
    I'm sure you did really well on it and thanks for the warning !
    Yup, by most standards I suppose getting an 84% on a 3 hour test more than 4 months after you've seen any of the material could be considered such.

    Didn't miss any of the A&P questions

    Did you see the above post about 7 hours of testing!

    Bring it on nursing school suits!!!! ..........Attending my orientation tomorrow. It's good to be getting it going after all those prereques.
  3. by   AmyHall
    Peeps - I had to go thru the same type of test. Where are you going to school? I'm also in Maryland.
  4. by   pdmt
    My class will be taking a similar evaluation type of test every semester. They told us that instead of paying $250 for a refresher seminar (or some amount-- can't remember) just before taking the RN licensing exam, that instead we would be 'required' to pay $56 every semester for this evaluation program.

    Apparently the program is to let you know where you stand in terms of being able to graduate/pass the licensing exam, and also for feedback to the program director to let her know what needs to be improved in terms of instruction/student support.

    This program fee includes the standardized test every semester, as well as a seminar at the end of school to prepare for the licensing exam.

    It's is new to my school this year.
  5. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Posted by Amyhall

    Peeps - I had to go thru the same type of test. Where are you going to school? I'm also in Maryland.
    I go to Howard County Community College........Just starting the 1st clinical rotation.

    How about you?